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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Maggie & Evie

Look at these precious girls!!

Friday afternoon Luke called me and told me we were going to Memphis! I had been complaining all week that we weren't going to be able to see the twins until the middle of June b/c I either had to work on the weekends, or we were going to be out of town. He decided that this weekend would be perfect, so we jumped in the car and headed East.
My mom and I spent 2 1/2 hours at Jennifer's on Saturday holding these adorable, little things! I still can't believe Jennifer is a mom, especially of twins. She is very cool, calm, and collected, which is very unlike my Drama Queen Cousin! They look alot alike, but you can tell them apart by the shape of their faces. The picture of Jennifer (top left) is her holding a bag of diapers exclaiming, "This isn't even 24 hours worth!". The baby I am holding is Maggie, and the one my mom is holding is Evie. Enjoy!


Trey and Heather said...

so sweet. you like like a natural holding little Maggie. I love them.

Come to the burg.

LT (and Max) said...


The Benjamins said...

They are precious!