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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Book Nerd

In Germantown, we had this wonderful little hole in the wall (literally), The Book Depot, where you could take your old books and get someone else's old books. It was run by a group of Jewish women, who were not to friendly to say the least, and they had books from floor to ceiling. When I moved to Tyler, I had no where to trade my books. That was until... For all of my book nerd friends, I have found a wonderful site. It is called
You list your old books (paperback or hardover), and when someone wants it, you mail it to them. You then get a credit, and can search for new books of your own. You pay the postage for the ones you mail, but then the other person pays the postage for your "new" book. It is AWESOME!!
I have mailed three books, and received four. I am waiting on a new one as I type! Note: This is also helpful with spring cleaning! (and you might have a book I a dying to post away!) Note #2: It also fulfills my shopping cravings. You feel like you are shopping because you get something new, and it costs only your shipping!


Trey and Heather said...


i like.


However, I did not like the mean Jewish woman comment. I heart Jewish people, you know that, so it saddens me that they weren't nice to you.

Caleb and Tricia said...

Book Swap. Very interesting.

Trey and Heather said...

Sophie would like for Bandit to become a member of so they can be friends.

Sherrie said...

Thanks Amanda. I looked at the site and joined. Can't wait to get a new book.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Book Depot. I think I still have a credit there. I'm gonna check that out this weekend and if I don't, I'm going to this site... I have SO many books to get rid of and I read all the time so I always need an influx of books.
Did you know that the Book Depot doesn't take paperback books anymore?! Sheesh!
ps - I think I'm gonna do a blog on blogger - what do you think of TraceSpace as the title?

Luke & Amanda said...

So the Book Depot isnt taking books at all? I know they never took hardbacks...maybe their room got too crowded??
I think TraceSpace would def be a site I would check everyday!

I am so glad everyone enjoyed the site!

LT (and Max) said...

i will have to let melita know about this one...she's quite the book lover. :)