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Friday, January 31, 2014


Prayer Team

Weekly in the office, our Lifesong Family comes together to pray for our in-country orphan initiatives, adoptive families, Forgotten Advocates, fellow co-workers and anything other items needing prayer or praise that week. It's a special time to come together to remember and acknowledge THE ONE who deserves all the glory and praise for the work HE allows us to do. To THE ONE who has ultimate control and power over every situation.

We would love to invite you to join us in this time of prayer by subscribing to our monthly Prayer Team email. At the end of each month, you will receive an email outlining the prayers and praises for specific needs from that month. We hope you will pray along with us! Sign up below...

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Learn more about the Lifesong Prayer Team>>

“Are any of you sick? You should call for the elders of the church to come and pray over you, anointing you with oil in the name of the Lord. Such a prayer offered in faith will heal the sick, and the Lord will make you well…The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.
James 5:14-16

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A few random end of the year

I realized I had a few pictures from the end of the year that didnt really fit with Thanksgiving or Christmas that I had forgotten to share. We got to celebrate this little Nugget's 3rd Birthday in the park with donuts, face painting, carriage rides, and balloon animals.

Kate, Sam, and I got up the next morning and went to Starkville to celebrate a very special baby! My friend adopted her from Memphis this past August and we were able to get together for a sip and see. She is the sweetest thing and has been prayed for many many times before she reached their arms. I had kept their Christmas card from 2011 in my closet to remind myself to pray for them every morning. I was so thankful to be able to take their card down and replace it with someone else who is waiting on a baby!

Our three girls: Kate, Anna Joy, and Abby Bette

Look at that beautiful, proud Mama!

Kate might have been obsessed with the hot chocolate bar and had about 6 cups.

Things get crazy when all the babies are together. Elisabeth is on the phone!

Preston loves his brother so much. I love watching him turn off his rowdy to be sweet.

All these boys were born within a month of each other!

Wawa got to come meet Sam too! I totally forgot my face was painted for our pic. Dork.

We ended up at Supper Club one night with all the boy kids. They were so happy to join in on our fun night.n Ha!

Last, but not least, Sam's stocking! This stocking was started 26 years ago for my little brother, Blake. I finished it before Sam was born, and I thought it was special because Blake is the third child, so is Sam. Preston is the only one without a cross-stitched stocking, but he does have a handmade felt one. He says he likes it the best now, but I dont want him to have middle child syndrome later in life about his stocking!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

December Week Four

I spent December 26 getting our house cleaned up from the holidays and having house guests, taking and packing up Christmas decorations/taking down our trees, and packing us all for Florida! Luke went to work so he could leave town, and then we were ready to go! We got up early on the 27th and drove to visit PopPop and Grammy. 14 hours later, I think I was the most ready to be out of the car. The kids couldnt have been better, and were completely happy with movies and snacks! I cant imagine making that trip as often as PopPop and Grammy do. Whew!
On Saturday, we spent the day at Seaworld. It was one of the kids' (and our) Christmas gifts. I had never been and Luke hadnt been since he was little. The day started out rainy, but the weather quickly turned perfect and we had a wonderful day!

We went to church on Sunday and I took a much needed nap. Grammy and Kate made homemade pizza for dinner,and then we went and saw Christmas lights in the park and got milkshakes.

On Monday, PopPop and Grammy had to go to a funeral, so we set out on our own to Magic Kingdom. Apparantly, if you take a few wrong turns, you can drive right onto Disney property. That would be Space Mountain. Luke dropped me and the kids off at Lost and Found, and I was able to get in line to get our tickets while he parked and walked up. 

We ran back to the new part to start off our day. Here is Kate seeing Belle's castle for the first time.

I hate that this one is blurry!

We rode the new Ariel ride and then went to her grotto to meet her!
The whole new party of fantasyland is really cute. 
Gaston's fountain

My favorite was storytime with Belle. That got to act out the story with Belle!

Can you spot me and the kids? I asked Luke to get a pic of us with the tree. Haha!

Getting her smooshed penny. Cheapest and most awesome souvenir they have!

It was crazy crowded. Probably the most crowded in all the trips Ive ever made. This was fantasyland by It's a small world, peter pan, etc. Crazy!

When we got there that morning, I asked Luke to go over to Be My Guest and just see if they had any reservations. I knew they wouldn't, and the host told him they were booked for six months. He said if there was someone standing outside with a clipboard, they had an opening. Luke had gone to get some fast passes and came back with a 7:30 reservation. It was my favorite part of the day!

We ended the day with snow on Main Street and seeing the Big Man himself!

 Someone gave us these balloons because they were tired of them. We enjoyed them and then passed them along because they were so annoying!

 We left the next morning and made it back just in time to see the ball drop in NYC!

You can see the rest of December here: