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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our Very Hungry Caterpillar turned One Party!

I have been wasting time on pinterest for the last 30 minutes because I was not wanting to write this post! I think it was a mixture between “I cant believe my baby is ONE!” and “If I write the birthday post, all the birthday anticipation is over.” Either way, Preston did turn ONE on the 12, and his party was this past Saturday. At one, he is walking, saying “mama, daddy, and thank you,” and bringing joy to everyone he is around. And by everyone, I mean everyone. He loves smiling at strangers so much that I had him at Walmart last week, and then Luke took him and a sweet old man recognized him. He is rough and tough and tumbles around the back yard, but he loves to lay down his sweet head on my shoulder before he goes to sleep. He has the huge blues eyes of his sister, the precious cleft in his chin from his Daddy, and his Uncle Jake’s sweet spirit. I joke and say he has the :Jeffery” temper from my dad and Blake, but he is funny like they are, too. I think he got my appetite. He loves his sister….oh boy, does he love her. I feel sorry for anyone that tries to date her, because he is protective already. He follows her every move and thinks she is the funniest person she has ever met. She is the same way towards him. She loves to make him smile, and she makes sure that I am taking care of her Preston (she always refers to him as “My Preston” which I think is absolutely adorable.) Little boy, you are loved so much by so many. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for your life; I know it is going to be big, it is going to be awesome, and you are going to have a big part to play in His Story. We love you “mighty much”, little man. Your first year of life has been a complete joy for me as a Mom, and I want you to know that you are a blessing to me every minute.

I thought I was so original in my party planning when I picked up Very Hungry Caterpillar napkins and tablecloth on clearance a year ago from Target. Then i started googling and pinteresting it, and I realized that I am not so original as I thought. Needless to say, I loved this theme and the planning that went along with it. Another blog I read, enjoying the small things , said she feels like her kid’s birthday parties are her love letters to them. I completely agree. I love planning, preparing, and putting on parties for those that I love! Preston’s was no different. Kate and I handmade almost all of the decorations, and it was so much fun to share this with her. I also learned that two year olds have no concept of time, so telling her his party was Saturday on Monday made for a long week of, not yet, you have school, then a free day, then school, then Grammy and Audrie will be here, then his party. Repeat daily.
Ok, starting with the invitations for his little friends. I got an idea from, and then made it my own. The caterpillar also doubled as a magnet. (and I loved them b/c they were super cheap to make)

We had the party at a park, and I think this was the best idea yet. I only had 30 minutes to decorate, so I had to be super organized, and I couldnt go back and change things 50x like I usually do!
Kate and I made all of the little caterpillars out of egg cartons! She loved all of the art projects! IMG_8881
Delicious cookies made with love by Aunt Meme! (our new little Martha!)IMG_8883IMG_8887
His monthly pictures from 1 month-11months:IMG_8885IMG_8886IMG_8888IMG_8914IMG_8916IMG_8917IMG_8889 IMG_8882IMG_8938
The Mason jars had vanilla yogurt in them, and then we had all of the fruit from the book (plus blueberries!) We also had granola for a mini parfait. They were really good, and I think yummy for the kids and parents. We also had a cheese and sausage set up too. IMG_8905
For favors, I had big suckers for the big kids, and bug rubber duckies for the babies. The kids could also make a book mark with their thumbprints to make a caterpillar and the quote “Children are made readers on the laps of their parents. ~Emilie Buchwald.
 IMG_8909 IMG_8908
Making bookmarksIMG_9032
IMG_8906IMG_8910Luke fashioned the awesome apple cake. I did a trial run a few weeks ago, and it was so good it ended up as cake balls (ha.ha.) Luke’s looks so much better than mine! IMG_8915
I love this picture where you can see his little feet. He has no idea how happy he is fixing to be!IMG_8941IMG_8958IMG_8942 
Seriously, Dad? Does Mom know you are doing this?IMG_8943Happy Boy!IMG_8957 IMG_8982IMG_8998  IMG_9023   IMG_8996 IMG_8997 
Pres and EastonIMG_9033    IMG_8999 IMG_9000      
Coco wanted her ice cream!IMG_9036

The guest cake was a chocolate chip bundt cake with cream cheese frosting, cut and shaped like the book.
IMG_8891 IMG_8899
Papa Q and Ninabelle and the boysIMG_8932 IMG_8900 IMG_8902
Jeffery Blake and Preston Jeffery
Nana and KK
Audrie and Aunt Dee

Poppop, Grammy, and Audrie

The weather was perfect, the food was yummy, and everyone had a fun time playing. I was so happy to be able to share this day with my little man!
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Preston, Happy Birthday to you!!

Happy Birthday, to the cutest boy in the world!

Luke celebrated his 30th Birthday on October 5. I think that we appreciated birthdays just a little more than normal this year. I am so thankful for him, and so glad to be on the other side of this past summer. We have had a rough time easing back into everyday life, but God is still working on me, and God is still good…always. IMG_8520
Luke has was gone from our house from a little before 7 am to after 10 pm on his actual birthday. Thankfully, we were able to go to dinner babyless the night before, I had a special bday breakfast waiting on him the next morning, and then Kate and I had some fun waiting on him when he got him. IMG_8501She talked about his “party” all day, so I promised to wake her up when he got home…IMG_8522 
Bless her heart…she couldnt even open up her eyes!

Luke, I am so proud to call you my husband. You are the best daddy to our babies, and still my best friend. I promise I will be more patient with you; thank you for loving me so well! Thank you for all the hard work that you put in at school, and making me realize that sometimes it’s ok if the house is messy as long as you get to play with the kids. Now, dont ever scare me like you have again! Love you!

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