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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring has Sprung...and then disappeared!

Miss Amy (Luke's mom) came and stayed with us the weekend of the 21-22. Because it was Good Friday, she was able to come in on Thursday night and stay through Saturday afternoon. We had a wonderful visit, and we put her to work! I had to work Friday night, so while I took a nap, they dug up a garden! It is so big, they also worked on it all day Saturday! We are planning on growing tomatoes, corn, okra, peas, squash, and Luke is letting me through in some zinnias and sunflowers. I am so excited and can't wait to plant! Her birthday was the week before (while we were in CO), so we were able to celebrate that as well. I could kick myself for not taking more pictures!! I am so lucky to have such a wonderful MIL that is so willing to help us. She is one of the most patient and kind women I have ever met. We love you, Miss Amy!!For Easter, Blake came in town for 24 hours! I fell asleep while they were dying eggs, but they did wake me up to get a few cute ones done. Blake (bless his heart) is one of the smartest boys I know...minus common sense. He pulled 12 raw eggs from the fridge and he and Jake dyed those. The only good side is that it left Meg, Luke, and I 24 BOILED eggs to dye by ourself!! Blake was not blessed with common sense :)

On Sunday, we went to my Nannie and Pawpaw's new house for lunch. I made turnip greens (Luke's fav), banana pudding, and bird's nest (like haystacks but I added jellybeans! Yum!) We had fun playing with the twins and hanging out with our family that we don't see nearly enough!!My Mom's birthday was March 27, we and all went and ate at Osaka! It was delicious, as always! I made symphony brownies, and as you can tell, Mom was very excited! She is so much fun and makes me look forward to being a Mom myself! Yea for Moms and their Bdays! It is always so much fun to celebrate people that are so fabulous!
Last but not least, my birthday is next Saturday. Miss Amy, Katie, & Michael came in town tonight to take me to dinner for my birthday (and to pick up Miss Amy's computer that Luke fixed :) We went to Firebirds...My Favorite!! Their BLT Salad is fabulous, and the creme brulee cheesecake is to die for! We had a wonderful time visiting, and we didn't even put them to work!

As you might notice, we have an addition to our dog family. Jake bought a papillon-rat terrier mix named Ella Poppitt Bousson. He had saved the end of his Christmas $$ to buy something special, and she is definitely that! She is adorable (as if you couldn't tell!). The second picture is from last night. We had a birthday party/girl's night for Eden and Rachel! We went and saw Ms. Pedigrew lives for a day and then had cake and ice cream. The movie was so cute! I LOVE Amy Adams, and she was adorable once again (if you haven't seen her in Enchanted, go rent it Today!) The last picture is our pitiful dog watching the rain today. We fogged our house and were trying to air it out, and he just couldn't stand it!

Now I am just waiting on this "Spring" weather to remain springy!

P.S. In my previous Spring Break post I forgot one MAJOR sweet sister and parents took care of our precious dog. Thank you so much for giving him the attention he needs and the treats too. Bandit loves yall dearly (and I loved the nightly pics texted to my phone :)

Home...Where the flowers grow a little taller, the moon shines a bit brighter, the love feels great big, and grandma's eyes are blue...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

All in a Day's Work

I love my job. The people I work with, what I do during a shift, I love it all. This is one of my patients from last Friday night. Isn't she adorable? Just a little glimpse into my working world...
When you're a nurse you know that every day you will touch a life or a life will touch yours.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring Break '08

We just returned from a week of bliss in Winter Park, CO. Our adventure started last Saturday morning. We had just received around 6 inches of snow (maybe more, maybe less) in Memphis!
We never, ever get snow, so this was a real treat. Except that we were leaving to drive to Colorado to spend a week in the snow. The Andersons piled up in our car, and the Butts and the Skaggs met us from Starkville. Our caravan left our house at 100:00 am Saturday morning! Our trek from Memphis to Little Rock took a little longer than expected. We sat in stand still traffic for 2.5 hours.
We finally arrived in Denver Sunday morning around 7:00. We had time to kill before we met the Fullers at the airport at 11:00, so we enjoyed a healthy breakfast at Waffle House and bought some bungee cords at Walmart. We rednecked it up in our car with luggage on top, and on the back. Real Nice Clark!
After our forever long drive, we arrived at our gorgeous condo!!!
It was snowing, and the hot tub was on, so the boys jumped in the hottub while the girls hit up the grocery store. We woke up early the next morning to hit the slopes, and tore it up! Luke and I went up the first time and found the Butts family scattered across the side of a mountain. Thank goodness we found them or I think Tricia would have given up for good. She was an excellent student (didnt yell or cry once), and skiied a BLUE the last day! I was so proud of her and Caleb! Luke and I had fun skiing with everyone the rest of the week, and were not ready to come home! The 3rd morning, Luke and I put on our big girl panties (and boxers) and skiied Outhouse. It is the longest black mogul run in CO (supposedly), and we Conquered it with flying colors (sort of...I have video footage of my hot husband conquering it....I merely made it down :)
At the top
At the bottom!
Anyway, we had a fantastic vacation, and the best part was I got to hang out with Luke and my best friends for a whole week in snowy paradise!!
P.S. You can look at the rest of our pics on Shutterfly! (password:nurse)
There's no waiting for friends on a powder day. ~Author Unknown

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

5 things about myself....

I have been tagged by my cute, pregnant friend Audra, and I don't want to disappoint. I know I have written lists of random facts about myself before, but what's a blog for anyway. So here goes... 1. I could sleep 24 hours if I had no where to be. I have always thought I had chronic fatigue syndrome, but working nights has really knocked me over the edge. I can sleep all day, and then sleep all night. I can sleep anywhere, anytime, anyplace. I can sleep through action movies, and in rooms full of people. I am like a cat. 2. I dont remember if I posted this in my list of 100 random things, but every number I look at, I have to determine whether or not it is divisible by 3. It was very annoying an a recent 19 hour car ride I went on (next post!) 3. I love all holidays. I decorate (as much as Luke will let me) for all holidays. I would like to say Christmas is my favorite, but I think I love them all equally. 4. I love Easter candy the most (as compared to other holiday candy). I think that everything Cadbury makes is divine. 5. I love to garden. I always did my parents flower beds, and loved every minute of it! There is nothing more rewarding than getting your hands dirty and having beautiful results a few weeks later! We will see how much I put into our rental house garden! Sorry this has taken my over 2 weeks to post!! Audra, thanks for tagging me!! I will tag, Heather, Tracy (both), Tricia, Laurette, & Katie!