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Sunday, September 20, 2009


This is one of my dear friend's little sister. I cannot imagine how scared I would be if this was my Megan. Please forward on to anyone you can.
God is good! Anna is returning home today!
Oh no, He never lets go,
through the calm and through the storm.
Oh no, he never lets go,
He never lets go of me!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Our house...

Is a very very very fine house! Here is the home tour for Audra as promised! I have more pics from my other camera that I will add soon! We have a split floor plan with 3 bedrooms and two baths. I hope this "tour" is as unconfusing as possible! I am by no means a decorator, so if you have any tips, please feel free to leave some comments! I love/need all the help I can get! Part One: Kate's room/guest room When you walk in the front door, you are in the dinig room (yes, I meant to misspell dining room; my dad did that on a FINAL project in college and we have spelled it that way since)
Don't mind the tote of law school books (crap) on the floor!
With the guest bedroom to the immediate left.Going through the French doors, the desk/office area is to the right, and the bed is straight ahead.
The open door is to the left of the desk. The closed door is a closet where I store my arts and crafts, my wedding veil, and other odds and ends of goodies. The bedroom suite is mine from I was little, and my mom's, and her mom's, and her mom's! Kate will get it one day too!
This is the ceiling. One of the reasons we fell in love with this house was because the ceilings are awesome!
Going out the door of the guest room, Kate's bathroom is on the immediate left and her room is straight ahead.It's funny how everything has come together in our house. Her shower curtain is from my dorm room curtains from my freshman year in college! Megan used them after me, and I just love them!
Both of these frames were handmade by some my talented friends.
Hallway between the bathroom and Kate's room.When you first walk in Kate's room, the changing table is straight ahead, her crib is in the far left corner, and the closet is on the same wall as the door (on the left also).
Luke refinished the changing table and dresser. It belonged to my dad's grandmother, and it was sitting in my parent's garage, and they were trying to find a new home for it when we were looking for baby furniture. It was painted brown and had big, chunky knobs. Luke did an amazing job with it!
We swiped the bedside table from Uncle Blake's room. he still hasn't noticed!
I made her this bow holder from the "K" and ribbon from her diaper cake. I also made almost all her bows from ribbon from gifts for her! The two plates on the wall are from baby showers, and Luke made the shelves. Since I have taken these pictures, I added hooks on the bottom of each shelf and have dresses hanging from them. Part Two: The den This view is from the hallway between Kate's room and the guest room.It is looking into the den and kitchen area with the dining room on the right. Kitchen
Leaving kitchen looking into laundry room. Garage door is on the right, that closed door goes to the attic (and one day play room+bath), and our room is to the left.Laundry room. Yes, I am aware our washer and dryer do not match, nor will they ever. They have discountinued the color. Note to self:Never buy a weirdo color if you can't buy the whole set. Mama always taught me that with clothes; now I know it carries over to appliances as well.
Part three: Our room
This is the room in our house that needs the most work. Because it does not look like a bedroom suite is in our near future, I am hoping to find a lovely old door to hang behind our bed.
For this side of the room, I want an armoire that has been painted Tiffany's blue and this one.
Did I mention I loved our ceilings?Our bathroom! Closet to immediate right, commode room to left.
From closet looking out.
Potty time!

So that is most of the house! I have a few more pics of the living room that I will try to get up tomorrow! Audra, I would LOVE for you and Drew to come see us in real life!!

Home is the place where it feels right to walk around without shoes.

End of August

Hello Friends! We have ended another busy month and jumped into September with both feet! We were able to visit with our favorite Atlanta cousins: Catch up with one of my BFFs from high school, Laura, and her oldest daughter, Lyla: (our oldest girls!) Get some snuggling in with her Daddy: Make Kate's 1st visit to Home Depot (and her Daddy did dress her! He was so proud to have her in a tutu for her 1st visit to HD. You could tell all of the other dad's in the store approved!)

Say Bye to Uncle Blake for him to go back to UT :( Laugh at me:

Push up and off her mat. If I leave the room, she is gone. I am not sure how she does it because she lays perfectly still if I am watching, but as soon as I turn my back, she is off the mat! Don't worry, Bandit! I am almost there! Relax in the pool (Or in Kate's case, do yoga in the pool! If you lay her on her back, she immediately curls up to do her "crunches." I think she is going to be the only 6 month old I know with a 6 pack!) Help with a beautiful baby shower for Baby Miles Breeden Ice cream bar! Notice my pickles-n-ice cream in the center! (Tricia, another use for dipped nutter butters!)Kate and the seamstress of her dress!She really does love Lizzy! Don't cry, Natalie! Not to self, do not let Dan hold Kate. Wish Luke Good Luck on his first day of school (He was the first one called on, the first day, the first class!)

Snuck in cupcakes for Aunt Megan's birthday at school! And helped Uncle Jake and Daddy with a Lego fort! I can't believe Labor Day is already here. I feel like that is the summer finale, and now it is time to focus on my favorite season, FALL! I actually like the changing of every season because it gives me a sense of starting and finishing something now that I no longer have semesters! My fall decor is out, the pumpkin candles are burning, and I even wore a fleece the other morning leaving work. Happy Fall Yall!

When summer gathers up her robes of glory,

And, like a dream, glides away.~

Sarah Helen Whitman