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Friday, November 15, 2013

I’m late, I’m late!

I figured I would take Sam’s cue, and it would be ok for his birth story to be a little late. His due date (10-11-13) came and went with no more than a few random contractions that had been happening for the last month. Kate and Preston were both born one day before their due dates, and I had (unwisely) assumed he would do the same. My mom and sister had fall break the second week of October and Luke’s mom came on the 12th. We all figured he would have made his appearance by then, and I was excited to have two weeks of help lined up. Ha! At my 40 week check up, I scheduled my induction for 41 weeks knowing I would go into labor before then. Ha! Every morning that week, I woke up in disbelief that I hadnt gone into labor during the night. Preston turned 3 on October 12, and we had my parents and Luke’s parents over for a chili dinner to celebrate. Blake even came in town (thinking we would have a baby!)  I wasnt miserable, but I had cleaned and cooked in preparation for my mother in law being in town thinking we would want to spend that whole week oohing and ahhing over a new baby. I might have been a little over prepared because we had nothing left to do that week! I enjoyed a manicure and pedicure, the kids went to school, and we waited! By that Friday, I was so excited to know that he would have to be here by then (October 18!). Luke and i got to the hospital at 5 and got ready for my induction. About 6:30 my nurse started pitocin and penicillin (I was GBS pos), and 2-3 cm. About 9:30, my doctor came by and broke my water. My contractions were steadily 2-3 minutes apart, but I wasnt in a lot of pain. They were uncomfortable, but nothing like Preston’s. About 12, I asked for my epidural. My dr came around and asked if I was in a lot of pain. I told her not yet, but I knew it was almost lunch and I knew what was coming. I got it about 12:45, and at that point I was 5cm! About 1:50, I was trying to rearrange myself in the bed. I had been sitting on a towel, and it was bunched up under my right leg. This made my right leg really tingly, so I was trying to straighten it out so it was more comfortable. As I was rolling to my side, my nurse came in saying he was having some variables. I laid back on my back and immediately looked at her and told her it was time to push. She checked me and sure enough, it was! Dr Dulaney came in at 2 and got the bed all situated and we started pushing. As soon as I started, she looked up and said, “He has more hair than Daddy!” I couldn't quit smiling and she said I have never had a patient smiling and laughing while they were pushing. I was just so excited and so thankful the day had gone so smoothly. I couldnt wait to get my hands on our boy. At 2:15 pm,  Samuel Thorn Cantrell came into this world at a perfect 7 lbs 9 oz and 20 inches long. At 41 weeks, he was my lightest and shortest. Little Man just wasnt ready!

I had these ready a week early and started getting worried they were going to get stale! We had not told anyone his name, and we were so excited to share it. Samuel is a family name from my mom’s mom’s side of the family. Thorn is Luke’s dad’s mom’s maiden name. We love it and were so sure that was "the name" when Luke said it out loud for the first time! IMG_0472IMG_0478 Last night as the only Lil Bro!IMG_0651
The night before the big day!IMG_0660
5 am at the hospital. We kept laughing because the doors kept opening while we were trying to get my pic. So different getting signed in with no painful contractions!IMG_0678 IMG_0681 Finally 10 cm! IMG_0694 First look at my precious boy.IMG_0737 IMG_0742 IMG_0746 Treats for the greeting committee.IMG_0752 IMG_0755 Preston ran in the room saying, “Hey baby! Hey!!” Then, he found the cookie bars. The kids came in first, and then they let the rest of the family in. Kate couldnt wait to tell everyone his name…literally. He had on a nametag that said, "Hello, my name is Sam!"IMG_0757 Little mama so excited!IMG_0760 IMG_0765 We are a family of five!IMG_0768 IMG_0773 Jake was the first family member to hold him. :) He has grown so much from when Kate was born!IMG_0790 Proud grandmothers-KK and GrammyIMG_0791 GrammyIMG_0805 The Peanut Gallery excited about their cigarsIMG_0806 IMG_0918Me and my babiesIMG_0845 Papa Q and Ninabelle came in town that night too!IMG_0851 The next morning…proud DaddyIMG_0858
Preston, Easton Samuel, and Sam talking about lifeIMG_0870 Me and AlysaIMG_0875 PawPaw loves his boys
Ellis and Sam chillinIMG_0885 Aunt Tracey came by for some baby snugglesIMG_0889
I didnt get any pics of my fabulous nurse friends, but I was so so glad to see all of them too! I was the best taken care of patient on the floor, and I missed my job, for a second :)IMG_0894 I had these matching pjs when Preston was born. Sam and I didnt get a pic before he peed and pooped on the dr and his gown!IMG_0906 Sweet boy
We were so excited to get home and start life as a family!IMG_0920 IMG_0928 IMG_0936 IMG_0952
Funny hubby thought he was on The Lion King.IMG_0965
The kids spent another night at my parents, so we had a nice, quiet night at home. They got home, and the normal chaos resumed!IMG_1024 Preston calls him Baby, and he loves to hold him and make sure he isnt cryaing.IMG_1039 Daddy Doc and Granny T brought Bandit home and some dinner!IMG_1055 Luke was able to take off Monday and Tuesday of the first week home, and I was so thankful for his help and company! I think Sam looks just like Luke…especially his eyes and nose.IMG_1065 Nana came and hung out with the kids one day!IMG_1074 Enjoying our first day with just the four of us!IMG_1080
His second week of life, we had more loving arms wanting to hold him!IMG_1201 IMG_1207

So far, he has fit in perfectly to our family. He is super laid back, super cute, and super hungry. He is still eating about every 2-4 hours around the clock. At his two week check up, he had gained up to 8 lbs 4 oz. I will have lots more pictures soon!

I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him. 1 Samuel 1:27