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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More of May

My second Mother's Day was even better than the first! Kate made me breakfast in bed complete with my OJ in my crystal. That has been a family tradition of my family's for as long as I can remember. Mom was always served Diet Coke in her Waterford on Mother's Day morning. It just tastes better! We went to church and then over to my grandparent's for lunch. Another family tradition has been all the boys (my grandfather, dad and his 4 brothers, and sons) to fix lunch for the ladies. Luke made some deliciouis stewed tomatoes and okra. Yum yum!
Beautiful flowers and OJ

Hangin out with her Daddy!

We had some friends getting married in Arkansas, so we took took advantage of my grandparents trailer on the Little Red River for the night. It was only the second time I have left Kate overnight with my parents (besides work of course), and I missed her so much. I dont think the feelings were mutual! She had a wonderful time with her KK (and Uncle Jake and Uncle Blake!)
Luke is practicing hand grabbing!
My mom told us about this fabulous little restaurant that will cook whatever you catch. Funny thing was, they claimed to have never of done this! THe look on the hostess' face was priceless when Nathan walked in with our pot of fish! I bet they are still talking about us!

All the lovely ladies at the wedding-minus the bride :(

Like father, like daughter.

She escaped me before her bath one night.

We found out on May 19 that we will be adding a precious Baby BOY to our family! Our ultrasound was first thing in the morning. Kate went with us, and wasn't so sure about the whole process. Luke had to take her in the hallway, and our us tech was anything but nice. Boo! What was a blessing was that he has arms and legs, and four chambers of the heart, and a three vessel cord, and a beautiful spine. When the dr was going over the results, he got to newborn appearance. I asked if it said he was cute, and he said no, it says right here he is precious! I couldn't agree more!  We are beyond thrilled and were so excited to tell everyone. (sorry if I kept you hanging on facebook!) We went to Aunt Meme's school and had Kate positioned in the hallway with a blue balloon when her class walked by.

My mom was the only one who had guessed boy! She wore blue for the occasion!

She was so sure in fact, she had this waiting on us. And yes, that does say Little Rebel. The verdict is still out if Luke will let his son wear this or not!

Kate and her blue balloons!

Loving being a Big Sister already!

Me in all my glory at 19 weeks!

Our son's name will be Preston Jeffery Cantrell. Preston is Luke's middle name & his grandfather's middle name. Funny side story, when my mom called my great grandmother to tell her it was a boy, she informed my mom that her Daddy's name was Preston as well. Crazy! Jeffery is my dad's first name and my brother Blake's first name. Preston means priest's estate, and Jeffery means divinely peaceful. I like it!
We are so excited about adding some blue to our household...and Bandit is glad they will be in the majority again. So far, I have had a really good pregnancy minus some nausea in the begining, and being able to feel him move is as wonderful as I remember!

What are little boys made of?
What are little boys made of?
Frogs and snails
And puppy-dogs' tails,
That's what little boys are made of.
What are little girls made of?
What are little girls made of?
Sugar and spice
And all that's nice,
That's what little girls are made of.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

And May is here!

Make sure you scroll down for April's post!
Also, we find out Wednesday if we will have a brother or a sister for Kate. Vote on the side for what you think it is!
The first part of May started out with terrible weather. We were very fortunate and only had a little flooding which dried up with the sun. We spent part of the day in the laundry room with the dogs, and the other getting ready for the KY Derby Party! Kate spent her day feeding Babe. Yes, she fed her the whole bowl piece by piece. What a sweet girl, and what a sweet dog! As you can tell, she took her job VERY seriously!
Whew! I need a rest! Our street. Poor Luke was in Oxford trying to study, and poor me was freaking out over the weather. Come to find out, we can't even hear the sirens all the way out here. Lovely.

The Kentucky Derby party was a hit! My cutie patootie friend, Elizabeth, hosted yet another fabulous partay.

Pretty Baby Girls!

Isn't this the funniest thing ever?
Cutest wreath! (see below :)
How cute is this girl?
The winners of the best dressed contest:
The girls! That girl in the middle in the turquoise needs a tan!We had a shower for my friend, Aundrea, to celebrate the upcoming birth of her son Ethan!

Look familiar? See here for a tutorial!
My sweet work friends! I love the people I work with!

The Mama to Be!
She is doing monkeys in the nursery, so we went with a jungle theme.
The girls. Kate was to'd Aundre stole her wheat thin. Dont mess with Big Girl's food.
I know I say this alot, but Kate loves dogs! She says "dawg!" all the time and is always trying to let them out. Babe is in the kennel, and poor Bandit is peaking over.
Happy Cinco de Mayo!
Just lounging on the way to church.
Do you think she likes this guy?

Lynne wasn't able to come to town for Aundrea's shower because of the flooding in Nashville, but she did come later that week. We were all so thrilled to meet Ellie! Isn't she a doll? We miss Lynne so much and wish she was here with us to love on that baby girl all the time!
Stinker at lunch:
The girls and our babies (minus Rylie and Drew)

When I held Ellie at lunch, Kate gave us a nervous fake laugh. How does she already know how to do that?Yes, Luke is still alive and a part of this family! He has been in the midst of exams and is finally done! WOOHOO!
Mmmm...Daddy made us pancakes!
I had the best Mother's Day even if it didn't pan out like Luke had planned. He had thought of an adorable idea to put Kate's handprints on a white scrub top for me to wear to work. Well, the art project went south when Kate enjoyed the taste of the paint more than putting it on the shirt. He had to go to Plan B :(
Needless to say, there is still paint on my bathroom tile :)
Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs... since the payment is pure love.
~Mildred B. Vermont

April is Over!

Where has the time gone? I never feel caught up on this blog! Oh well, I am sure it is just going to get worse! But for all those Kate Fans, I do have some adorable pics! She is walking everywhere! She started taking a few steps from me to Luke the first week of April. The second week of April, she took off and hasn't looked back. When I say she is everywhere, she is everywhere! I love her being more mobile, and it still cracks me up on occasion that she is this tiny person following me around. She refuses to walk in the grass, and last week we noticed she won't cross the cracks on the sidewalk. She gets down on all fours to climb over, and then uprights herself until she gets to the next one. We are just enjoying her personality so much! Kate and the lawnmower: She found her Bumbo in our closet and plopped herself down. Getting out is pretty funny because she has to flip herself over and manuever her slight thighs out.
Eating her first PBJ! She lvoed it...maybe she did get some of my traits. Our sweet cousin, Will, turned ONE! He had a barnyard bday and we had so much fun! Kate really got in on the action riding his four wheeler. I wasn't sure if she would know what to do, but as soon as we showed her how to accelerate, she was gone!
The adorable cake.
So sad it wasn't her turn to get some cake. Sorry, Jen. That face was too cute not to share.Decor:
My sweet Cowgirl.
PawPaw showing Kate how to roll her tongue. She can get it completely sideways on one side...a definite Bousson trait.
Get up outta my face, Meme! And look at my cute boots!
Babies, Babies, Babies!
The birthday boy, just new boot goofin. We let her run around one night after her bath unclothed, and she found her favorite thing...her lunchbox. Haha...girl after my own heart.
This series just cracks me up. She has claimed our entry hall table as her throne. She will drag it all over the dinig room and den and loves eating her snacks here.
Getting out gracefully.
Love love love this face. The twins also turned THREE in April! Cannot believe it!Unfortunately, this is one of the only pics I got of the day :( When I get some more from my cousin I will post them. Megan and I made special appearances as Snow White and Cinderella. It definitely fulfilled my Disney Dream, and I am wondering why I never got a summer job there. My cousin made this awesome cake...she is Twins, a nurse, and a cake does she find the time?
Her favorite snacks-cuties!
"The family is one of nature's masterpieces." -George Santayana