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Monday, August 26, 2013


13-8 MM Email

Thankfulness. We honored to stand beside so many of you in your faithful service to God and His call to love and care for the orphan. Join us in praising God for the work that He continues to do through the Church!

Listen in on HIS provision in Honduras and the opportunity to join the work through sponsorship...

Centro Vida Construction Complete // HONDURAS

Please enjoy this video featuring Honduras' brand new multi-purpose building, Centro Vida, which includes assembly space as well as a large kitchen. This building is just part of the incredible work going on in Honduras to equip over 575 vulnerable children & young adults with not only the Gospel, but hope for a future!
It's exciting to see Centro Vida's completion on Plan Escalon's 25th anniversary of serving orphans and vulnerable children.

Want to see more updates at Plan Escalon? Check out the kitchen renovation video thanks to the amazing help from our partners at Retail Orphan Initiative.


When choosing a sponsor child, Vicki noticed that Lesly was an older student, but in a younger grade. Vicki intentionally chose to sponsor Lesly, understanding that something had happened in her life to cause her to fall behind. She wanted Lesly to know she cared and believed in her.
Listen in as Vicki, member of Retail Orphan Initiative, meets the students she sponsors at Plan Escalon and the impact that it is making not only in her heart, but in the heart of her sponsored children...

Read more about Child Sponsorship...

What Child Sponsorship is All About -- Beautiful story of a sponsor child moved to tears and prayer when he heard that his sponsor was in a car accident. Read more

Be a Light Through Sponsorship -- Read a post from Lifesong's summer blog series featuring Sponsorship. Read more

Dear _____, I love you. -- JB, student at Lifesong Liberia, wrote to a sponsor he did not yet have. Fill in the blank for JB! Read more

"I will not stop serving the Lord" -- Watch the testimony of the life of Haggai, student of Lifesong Zambia. Watch Video

Breaking the Cycle in Ukraine -- Natasha's life and future was changed by the mentorship she found through Lifesong Ukraine. Watch Video to hear her story.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Before I get Too Behind!

I cant believe it is time for school to start already! Although my Mom and Sis have already been back almost a month! Both of the kids will be going T & Th starting this Thursday! They are both so excited, and I am too. I love shopping for new school supplies and getting my calendar filled in with all of the fun activities they will get to do this year. We had orientation last week, and I loved both of their sets of teachers. I think it is going to be a really good year! Now, the rest of our summer looked something like this: WP_20130705_018 WP_20130705_008 WP_20130705_005 Preston says, “First we play, then we relax!”WP_20130704_024 WP_20130704_016WP_20130704_021  WP_20130704_012 WP_20130704_006 WP_20130704_004 Sometimes you just need a smore for breakfast!
WP_20130703_004 WP_20130702_034 WP_20130702_033 WP_20130702_031 WP_20130702_024 WP_20130702_022 WP_20130702_020 WP_20130702_019 WP_20130702_016 WP_20130702_011 WP_20130702_006 WP_20130702_001
WP_20130705_019 WP_20130706_002 WP_20130706_006 WP_20130706_007 WP_20130706_008 
We have taken advantage of the half price milkshakes at Sonic a little too often!WP_20130708_004 WP_20130708_005 Kate did a market research in East Memphis and we could see Daddy’s building!WP_20130712_001 WP_20130712_002
I made a quick trip to Starkville for the reClaimed benefit! I had so much fun with Tricia (and Bops!) We also got to spend some quality time with our BFF Corie from Duck Dynasty! I wont be surprised if she mentions me in the next season. WP_20130713_002 WP_20130716_001 WP_20130718_001
We had a wonderful day at the Children’s Museum with Meme!WP_20130719_002 WP_20130719_013 WP_20130719_014 WP_20130719_017 WP_20130719_029
We have enjoyed several Redbirds games!WP_20130719_032
Had so much fun with our Texas cousins!
WP_20130724_009 WP_20130724_011
This was hours before Gabby made her entrance into the world!!
WP_20130724_015 WP_20130725_007 WP_20130727_004
I helped host a shower for two new baby girls! One is already here and one will be here soon!
WP_20130728_005 WP_20130728_011 WP_20130728_012 WP_20130728_014 WP_20130728_016 WP_20130728_017 WP_20130728_019 WP_20130729_024 WP_20130729_035  Backyard Baseball…this weather has been unreal, yall!
WP_20130729_048 WP_20130729_042
Cheap movie day on a rainy Wednesday!WP_20130731_002 WP_20130731_003 
My fabulous hubby surprised me with a new camera!!! It is so so wonderful and I am so glad to have it before Baby C #3 gets here!!!WP_20130731_005
First shots with new camera!IMG_9014 IMG_9015 IMG_9016 IMG_9021
Whew! I think that about wraps up July for the Cantrells!

Kate, telling Preston all about school, “Now Preston, if anyone hits you or pushes you, find my hair on the playground and I will take care of it. “