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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pinterest Christmas

IMG_1779 IMG_1780 



because I would rather learn to crochet a flower than spy on people I barely know.


Monday, January 2, 2012

Joy to the World!

I am going to try and speed-wrap/warp all of the rest of our Christmas festivities!  Have I mentioned Preston loves to eat?

IMG_0866His flipped over lip cracks me up in this pic:

IMG_0873 Getting ready for zoo lights:

IMG_0883 IMG_0894

Jakey loved the dinos:IMG_0899


Cookin with KK:IMG_0924

And lickin the batter with PawPaw:IMG_0929

Christmas at Nana & Ned’s:


Nana collects birds nests…after Luke saw this he said I wasnt the crazy bird lady anymore!



Preston was hilarious with these bears. He hugged them all night and has been hugging them ever since!IMG_0951 IMG_0954


IMG_0970I was a little jealous of Kate’s gift. It is a doll wardrobe with a bed and vanity. Absolutely precious…and I wish I had one when I was little!


Glee..score!IMG_0975  IMG_0985 IMG_0991

Christmas Eve:


Getting the treats ready for the reindeer and Santa:IMG_1003 IMG_1004



Luke helped me with this delicious peppermint cheesecake layer cake from Southern Living:

IMG_1013 IMG_1017

We delivered gifts along the way:IMG_1026


And Dad really played up the part….he had his arm out the window for at least 20 minutes waving at the city of Memphis.IMG_1044Santa picking on Jake:


Santa asking Nannie if she was a good girl this year. She is the only person I know who was bad enough that Santa didnt visit one year.IMG_1053


Enjoying time with all the cousins:IMG_1066

Preston LOVED Ainsley…hugged her all night!IMG_1069 IMG_1075

Megan made these delicious little things:IMG_1081 IMG_1084 He was supposed to be sitting for this one:IMG_1089 IMG_1093


IMG_1100Also a little J about this gift as well:IMG_1106

Joey and I were intense about something:IMG_1107

and then came…


Christmas Morning!!

Our kiddos were very good this year! Kate got a baby bed handmade by Santa himself, a stroller, and a chair. Preston got a baseball glove, a basketball goal, and a chair too!IMG_1109

Kate also had a special surprise waiting for her in her room:


A purple tree!IMG_1117

We woke the kids up, and Preston was not happy that Daddy left him to get the camera:IMG_1122

And then they saw:


The room was full of bubbles!


IMG_1140 IMG_1147 IMG_1152

Miss Mommy had to immediately go get two babies to put in her stroller ( I had my eye on a beautiful, frilly pram, and this is the one she had her heart set on!)IMG_1155 

Stocking goodies:


and Santa remembered that cup she had seen at Disney World!IMG_1162 She put her stocking on the bottom bunk, and babies on the top:IMG_1176 IMG_1183

We got dressed and headed to my parents for more gifts.

BabyAngel:IMG_1186 IMG_1196


IMG_1200 IMG_1199

IMG_1201 IMG_1209

Santa always leaves a letter about our “big gift.” Sometimes it was a trampoline, a few years ago he lefts puppies. This year, it was a BOAT!! Come on summertime!IMG_1215 IMG_1216

Finally, a cute family pic!


and no one got the coal this year (it is usually Luke, but my mom didnt have the heart to give it to him!)IMG_1227

After Christmas Day, we continued our fun with Christmas with the Parsons:


And then the Greenwoods came in town from Texas! I absolutely LOVED watching them love on my babies! (notice Matt in the background “pouting” b/c Will wanted a photo by himself!)IMG_1232

This pic cracks me up:IMG_1233

Matt gets his turn:IMG_1234 IMG_1237

IMG_1240 IMG_1246 IMG_1242 IMG_1252 IMG_1251 IMG_1253 IMG_1262 


I forgot to post these earlier, but this was our Supper Club Party at Whit’s new awesome house earlier in the month. Her new home is so lovely, I asked if I could come for the weekend. Moongirl sleepover, anyone?PC080017 PC080013

And just some randoms. I loved this outfit on Pres for some reason. We put our Christmas cards on a tree this year. It saved me from crying over broken ornaments, and we could see them and enjoy them all month!


Whew! Typing this all out makes me tired all over again. I am so thankful we have so many friends and family to celebrate the birth of our Savior with.

Blessed be the name of the Lord!