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Friday, January 29, 2010

So behind!

Merry Christmas from
Jeff, Kathy, Amanda, Megan, Blake, Jake, Kate, Bandit, Ella, Babe, Cooper...oh yea, and Luke.
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and (almost) Happy Valentine's Day! When I get so behind, I want to just not worry about catching up and start over! I know one day I will be glad I have this record of everything that went on, so here we go!
Christmas was fabulous! We started out visiting Luke's family in Tupelo. Luke had family in town, and then spent Christmas Day with my family. I had to work Christmas Eve night (yuck) so if I look sleepy in any pictures, please forgive me. Oh yea, and have I mentioned Kate hasn't slept through the night since September. That = a very sleepy, sometimes grouchy Mommy! The Cantrells. We went to Nina and Larry's house for a delicious lunch. This was Kate's first time to open presents, and I think she really liked it...whadya think?
Me, Kate, Luke, Larry, & Nina
The Tally Christmas. These are Luke's cousins and their boys are a month younger than Kate:
Callie, Robert, Molly, Aubrey, Me, and Kate
The Huntons and Cases then came to our house. I got to cook my first Christmas meal. Luke makes a mean turkey, and the sides were good too!
Amy and Benny
Luke and Katie and the yearly pic in front of the tree
Katie and Micheal's newest addition, Colby
The Spread
Come on Mom! Quit taking pictures of the food, and Let's Eat!
Our Family
Kate's First Stage Performance...She's a natural:
In the Nursery:
Christmas Eve: Santa came early to our house because of my work schedule! As you can see, Kate had the gift opening down pat! Adorable! And she finally has some toys to play with!
We had lunch at Nannie and PawPaw's (my Dad's parents).
Meg and Brett
Uncle Blake and Kate
Christmas Morning:
Granny T and Daddy Doc
Tracy, Dad, Meg, Aunt Linda, and Mama
Uncle Buck, Luke, Nana, Blake, and Ned
Mama and Daddy
Snow Day! I got a new (to us) car this day too! I need to find a pic of my Shaggin Wagon.
Remember this? I guess it paid off! My smart hubby was 11/171 in his class! Not only is he the cutest boy in the world, he is the smartest!
The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other. ~Burton Hillis

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I need help!

We need you to go vote for Kate to be a Methodist Model! We are opening up a new hospital, and they are looking for cutie patooties! Here's what you do: Click here , Go to the Methodist Healthcare Profile, become a fan, and click "like" under her pic! Thanks for your help!