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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Frozen Party

Like I said in my other post, we have a trip planned for Kate's 5th Birthday! When one of my friends asked if we wanted to go in together on a Frozen birthday party for our girls, I couldnt say no! Her little girl turned 4 on February 20, so we had the coolest party in town on February 22. It was really easy and fun doing it with someone else.
salt dough ornaments to paint

the birthday girls!

Eden and her sister made this amazing entryway

Snowman pieces

Eden's sister had a winter wonderland wedding in November, and we were able to use lots of their decor.

Snowflake cookies and a Sven arrangement


Sweet 4 year old!

Troll Village made by Me!

My trolls

Amazing cake made by Eden's sister

Elsa and Anna

Food Table

We played pin the carrot on the snowman

My Elsa

Silly girls

Little Anna

Me and my girl!

Elsa and Anna Roberts
Only an act of true love can thaw a Frozen heart!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Stir Crazy

I think we have all been a little stir crazy with all of this cold weather, and it is making us really appreciate pretty days. Vivi had wonderful weather for her second birthday party! Everyone was so happy to be able to enjoy the pretty day celebrating this pretty girl!

Happy Happy Birthday, dear Vivi!
Elliette taking charge of the boys

My cowboy and cowgirl

He goes all out when it comes to eating cake

Sam has just fit in seamlessly with our family. At three months, he eats every 2-3 hours still round the clock! He loves to nurse but doesnt mind the bottle from Daddy either. He started rolling from front to back at 11 weeks, and is almost going from back to front (at four months). We have his 4 month check up this week, so I will know how much this peanut weighs. I think he is definitely smaller than his siblings just by judging his clothes.

Love all of these blondies!

No more monkeys jumping on the bed!

I know this is a Pres overload, but his faces crack me up!

I cleared the monkeys off the bed so I could take some pics of this cowboy!

Hello Woody! The boots were made by Luke's aunt when he was bor.

My one and only pic from the Super Bowl. Pickle was really into the game.

This is where he can be found most nights.

P woke up one morning asking me to take his picture!

Kate picked out these sundae cupcakes from our cupcake cookbook to make for dinner one night when we were having friends over. She did such a good job!

I thought this was good advertisement for bumbo.

We did have a big snow one morning when we woke up. 


Kate likes to randomly disagree with everything I say and throw a fit. Thought I would capture one on film.

She ran into the dining room that Luke had put up plastic so he could sand the walls and paint so I decided that was a perfect spot to taunt her.

And just like that, she is happy again!

Do you want to build a snowman?!

We had a wonderful Valentine's Day week! Before play group!

Jake the pirate 

Valentine's at preschool. Kate had to wear a pretty dress for their dance.

And dance she did!

Luke and I got to go to dinner sans K&P at one of our favorite sushi restaurants. I am still craving it!

Sweet three month old STC!

We are hoping to put our house on the market March 1. I was taking pictures of all the rooms just so I could remember what everything looked like. P decided he wanted to be in this one.

Kate is on this big kick where she makes books all. the. time. Mostly they are fairy books.

Cannot believe we have had him for four months!

K&P watching Frozen in their Frozen jammies the night before her Frozen party.

Her brothers gave her a bday present a little early! Close your eyes...

And open! Sam was so excited!

We are going to the American Girl Doll store in Chicago for her birthday! We cannot wait! 

Some people are worth melting for. Let's go bring back summer! Olaf