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Saturday, January 19, 2013

A new year

Arent they sweet…when they are sleeping?668827648-4623138
Preston helped taste test some whoopie pies I was making for a shower…he thinks he’s sneaky!362774528-4092353
One day after nap, Kate came out of Preston’s room in this outfit. She looks like a teenager to me! :( 341639168-3106323
I have taken advantage of some of our sick cold days with a pinterest project! Christmas cards are now all binded and labeled!
Poor baby got the flu and was pitiful, but only for a day! 316309504-3443122 308510720-4191492
Preston and I were in Goodwill looking for something (another pinterest project) , and I saw this lovely moses basket. It was only $5.99, but I walked away and didn’t get it. I called Luke when I left there to brag about my self-control, and he told me to go back and get it! Such an easy pushover! I went back immediately and it was gone! I headed to the cashier to make sure someone had bought it and that it hadnt been moved, and I passed a lady with it in her cart. I had already made eye contact with the cashier, so I explained I had come back. The lady overheard me and insisted I take it. She said she was just buying it because it was such a good deal. I told her I was going to get it for BabyC#3, and that we really didnt need anything for this baby but I have always wanted one. She was so sweet! She tried to pay for it too, but the cashier had already rung it up. I told her I considered this Baby C # 3s first gift! 293437440-3450115
Speaking of our adoption stuff, people ask all the time where we are in the process. We have submitted all of our paperwork and are approved for an adoption. We have to turn in our profile for birthmom’s to look at, and then they will hopefully place a baby with us! We have held off on our profile because we are trying to get all of our money in place. I applied for five grants two weeks ago, so hopefully some of those will come through. Remember, you can also purchase coffee. Every little bit really does help. We have completed each step so far as we have raised the money, and this part is going to be no different…it is just way more than the previous payments.PC300410PC30040924412160-4304732
We have been trying to keep from getting cabin fever. Preston is missing the outdoors!250773504-4099937
Ainsley’s 2nd Birthday! Decorating cookies: 243236864-3592743 216104960-3423884
They each stole on ear from the cake,,,just like their mamas used to steal roses from Nannie’s cakes! 219545600-3567182
We enjoyed one day outside last week. It was in the mid 40s and we spent about 4 hours outside!!163282944-2993700 156172288-4147860
New Year’s Day meal at Nannie and Uncle Brent’s!
Blake, Prest, Me, Jake, Meg, Kate, and Brett!140312576-4139627
Preston had Uncle Brent read him the bulldog book (it was a calendar..haha!)136478720-3809049
Eating their pork, something green, and black eyed peas!132775936-3698334
Thankfully, we had 2 wishbones so all the big little kids got a turn!117080064-4337037 109674496-3694531
We spent NYE at home! The kids and I had a horrible day at home (that involved a fish tank full of books, an address stamp on the wallx20, and teetee in a mixing bowl during nap time). I was exhausted by the time  Luke got home from work at 7, so we decided to stay in. We did sparklers, played board games, and made it til midnight (Luke and I…we put the kids to bed early after that day!!)107872256-1801267 100073472-1656228 77856768-3319697 55803904-3177625 52756480-3033781   45514752-3965693 
We enjoyed the Liberty Bowl Rodeo with the Trusty’s! It was Preston’s first rodeo and he liked everything but the calf roping. He was extremely worried about the calves and got upset. Haha!
KK and Mama June and their boysPC280403 PC280402 PC280401
I know these are totally out of order, but they keep uploading like this?! Amy and Benny came back on December 26 for a visit. We went and visited Luke in his office and then ate at The Rendezvous. It was delicious as always!PC270397
We have been trying to get the rest of the Christmas candy GONE!! 16547840-3979347
This picture cracks me up! 20545536-3844081

I have made a few resolutions, but my word for 2013 is consistent. I started doing a word for the year in 2011 (simplify) and last year was seek. I like having a word I can base my resolutions off of. I hope to be more consistent in my disciplining/fun with the kids, in my Bible reading (chronological reading), in exercising (5K in March!!), and in being a sweet wife. I cant wait to see what this year holds for me and for us as a family! What are your resolutions? Do you make them?
Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right. Oprah

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning was magical. The kids are at such a fun fun (trying) but fun age. Everything is magical to them! We had some good girls and boys at our home this year…or maybe a Santa that is learning grace along the way!IMG_7269
Wait!What’s that?! Santa always leaves a note in the tree (he always did at my home growing up!) and this year it was attached to some yellow yarn!

The children were nestled all snug in their beds…and the floor…and wherever they fell exhausted from celebration!
Good morning! Preston got up at his usual 5-5:30 and spotted the gifts. I had some major distracting with delicious chocolate milk. That boy loves his milk. He thankfully got back in bed and stayed there!
Preston was just as excited about the cookie left behind as the gifts to be opened!IMG_7277
I got two beautiful silhouettes of my precious children!!IMG_7348
Glad my man is easy to please…a tie clip and some awesome tooth paste! Luke discovered this toothpast after jake left some at our house, and he couldnt get over how efficient it was! haha! He got some from me and my mom, so he should be set for a while!
IMG_7338 IMG_7335
Kate asked for a washing machine, a baby bouncey seat, and a pink and purple mixer for her kitchen. Most random gift list ever, and the elves had to work really hard to make all of these things for her. And bless her heart. When she walked out and saw her pile of wrapped gifts, she said in a truly sweet voice, “well, Mom, I didnt really want a washing machine.” Poor girl didnt think she got one. Break. my. heart.IMG_7318IMG_7319
Kate got a bouncey seat, a pack n play, and her mixer. IMG_7315
Everytime Preston got in Santa’s lap, he asked for “Toys!” No specifications, just toys.
Preston got a Jake telescope, Jake figurines, a Mickey Ds cash register,and then his big gift (below).
He had to try out the new bouncey seat. IMG_7310
Fun bath toys in their stockings!IMG_7304
He was cracking me up sitting on his gifts.IMG_7301 IMG_7321
Yes, my kids had name brand fruit snacks wrapped up in their piles.
Kate spotted the note attached to the yarn…IMG_7324
so we followed it…IMG_7328
and then she saw…IMG_7330
Her bubblegum pink washer-n-dryer…and let me tell ya, this thing has been empty all of two minutes since it was discovered. Preston also found a work bench that the elves found in my parents’ attic unused from Jakey-poo.IMG_7333
Bitty immediately went into the bouncey seat and another baby went into the pack-n-play.     IMG_7351IMG_7358 IMG_7355
We were supposed to be at my parents by 10:30, so we had the perfect amount of time to play with our new toys, enjoy a cup of coffee, and get dressed to go over the river and through the woods. Jake was so sweet asking what Santa brought.IMG_7359 IMG_7360
Kate saw something she liked, and Megan with the creepy elf child.IMG_7364 IMG_7365
Does every family do these stair shots? Youngest to oldest!IMG_7368
Santa left a stocking full over there too! And then my camera died :(IMG_7370
The rest of the family comes over for brunch, we all take naps, and then we go to a movie and to eat Chinese (well, Lee Kahns…my fave!) We saw Wreck it Ralph and I was very pleasantly surprised. I hadnt seen anything about it, but I loved it…and both kids lasted through it!

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.  ~Norman Vincent Peale

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