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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The rest of December

Luke ran the St Jude marathon! With his bionic leg…back in May, I asked Kate if she could hop on one foot. As she was struggling, Luke stood up to show her and realized that he couldn’t hope on one leg. He started working out a little here and there and then decided to run the marathon. To say I am proud is an understatement. He was amazing!! The kids and I ran to meet him at four check points and the finish line. We only missed him once! I told him I was as tired trying to push the stroller all over down town-hahahaha! It was so awesome seeing all the people I knew running; and all of the hundreds of people running and supporting the runners for this awesome cause. I got choked up more than once. If you ever get teh chance to be a part of this event, I would definitely recommend it! It is awesom! Unfortunately, the only pic I have is this:PB300344 I have some on my phone (which never get uploaded) and the pro photog there got some awesome ones. Way to go, Honey!!

Our Gingerbread Advent that the kids looked forward to each morning!!
We celebrated our 6th anniversary on December 9! Meg and Brett kept the kids and we went to a nice, quiet dinner alone…too bad we had to be at Breakfast with Santa at 8:30 the next morning! IMG_6446 Some sassy shots of Miss Thang!
IMG_6541 IMG_6578
Kate’s Christmas program was precious!! IMG_6618
She looked a little nervous, until she spotted: IMG_6628
Then she was all smiles!IMG_6629 IMG_6643 IMG_6647 IMG_6651
He’s no dummy…he was not getting out of the pic!IMG_6657 IMG_6660 IMG_6665 IMG_6679
Can you see the lovely lights display in the background? All night. To music. All night.IMG_6680
We had a lovely time at The Schallert’s (almost) annual Christmas Partay!IMG_6689 IMG_6799  
Dont worry, Elizabeth! We had complete control over our classroom at church!IMG_6806
Crazy Kate has been crazy, literally, the whole month of December. It could really be a post of its own, but here is the least of my troubles with her…I put her to bed, and then come back later to find:IMG_6808 IMG_6809
Play group with friends:IMG_6812 IMG_6815
And who needs an elf to make snow angels in the kitchen? We have our own life size elf!IMG_6822
We had a wonderful time at our night with Daddy Doc and Granny T at Zoo Lights!IMG_6831 IMG_6835 IMG_6837 IMG_6842 IMG_6845
We finished, as usual, with Central BBQ! Two pig faces!!IMG_6848
Someone help me get control of my kids!IMG_6852
We always love the Roller’s Christmas Party! Santa was a huge hit!IMG_6861 IMG_6862 IMG_6866 IMG_6888
Im really not sure these two were on the nice list!IMG_6893
We went to the Christmas Mouse House which benefitted The Forsaken Children. It was such a treat!IMG_6898 IMG_6901 IMG_6902 IMG_6906 IMG_6910
Oh yea, I was in a flash mob, A real one. To Bieber Drummer Boy. NBD.IMG_6930 IMG_6935 IMG_6937
Preston has discovered his love of the kitchen. Ill take help wherever I can get it…and how could I tell that face no?!

Christmas is officially blogged…check them out :The rest of December, Gingerbread House Party, Dec 22-23, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day !

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