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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

More Christmas Fun

We have loved having Luke home almost the whole month! Can you tell my little cookies are excited?
One night we decided to wrap Preston up in swaddling clothes. He thought it was the funniest thing ever!
IMG_0483 IMG_0484
The kids had their school program, and I think they are both stars in the making! Haha! Preston couldnt really figure out why his family was sitting at a table, and he was having to ring the jingle bells. He ran to me as soon as their song was over…it was precious!
I need my mama!
Kate also was a little timid starting out, but she sang every word and did the motions too.IMG_0519 IMG_0518 
These are Preston’s two precious teachers. He ended up being the only one in his class, so they are going to move him up next semester. I think he will love it, but his teachers are going to miss him. He has been SPOILED by these two!!! I am so thankful that his 1st experience in MDO has been so awesome.IMG_0538
IMG_0535 KK came from Polar Express day to watch the stars…IMG_0539 
and Uncle Blakey showed up too!IMG_0559
Santa made a surprise visit!IMG_0556
Can you tell which snowman is Kate’s?IMG_0564
Did I go over the top maybe?!IMG_0563
Someone asked me the other day if my kids really loved each other as much as it looks like on my blog. And the answer is YES! They are each other’s best friend and I love love love it!IMG_0567 IMG_0570
The presents have been safely stored on our dinig room table this year away from little hands.IMG_0684 Luke’s mom, stepdad, sister, BIL, and our niece all came to visit this past weekend. Preston was ready to open gifts!IMG_0683
Audrie tearing into her package,
IMG_0686 IMG_0688 IMG_0689 IMG_0697IMG_0709
Benny PopPop doing our nightly nativity scene with the kiddos.IMG_0714
Audrie loving on Preson!IMG_0724
Sunday morning, we got up and went to Tupelo to celebrate with Luke’s dad (Papa Q) & stepmom (Nina Belle).
Kate got a cow doll that look suspiciously alot like her Daddy’s Halloween costume in college,
Preston was excited about his MP3 player.IMG_0741 IMG_0736
Luke got his 30th bday gift…a 2005 signed State basketball!IMG_0750
Trying to get three small children to pose is hysterical…every single time! IMG_0754 IMG_0764 IMG_0784
Papa Q and his girls!IMG_0795 IMG_0776
We left their house and went to Luke’s aunts for lunch with his mom’s side. The whole famdamly.IMG_0805
Luke and his cousins (minus three Tally boys and one Ratliff boy!)IMG_0808
Preston and Uncle MikeIMG_0809
All of the cousin’s kids (minus two Ratliff boys)IMG_0817
The boys posed better than the girls!IMG_0825
Luke’s family.IMG_0828
Our attempt at a family pic. Preston was DONE!IMG_0833
Kate got this wig and glasses and serenaded us with a little Taylor Swift and Jesus loves me,IMG_0839
We left there and went to Luke’s other aunt’s house to visit with his dad’s side.IMG_0842 IMG_0850 IMG_0840
We headed back to our home after this busy day! Amy and Benny met us back here and stayed until yesterday afternoon.
What is Preston laughing at?
    IMG_0856 IMG_0859
Mary was about to give birth in the stable…and Dr. Grammy had to deliver!IMG_0853
Love is what's in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen.  ~7-year-old named Bobby