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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

And the award goes to...

Me! Bloggie awards are so much fun! Hope yall think so too.
1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award and link back to their blog.
What a fun surprise to be blog browsing yesterday morning and see my name listed here for a
AFS is a real life friend who/whom (which is it) I absolutely adore! She is smart (a lawyer), funny, and oh so stylish, so to be nominated by her was truly an honor! She is pregnant with a sweet little Baby Doll girl (I love her name, but she hasn't announced it yet on her blog), who I know is going to be BFF with Kate and Baby #2. AFS makes adorable aprons, throws fabulous parties (the kind where you want to take pics to show on your blog), and has an incredibly sincere heart. I am so glad that I get to claim her as one of my friends! Go check out her blog, you will put it in the to be read daily list!
2. Pass the award on to 7 other bloggers who have a beautiful blog.
Ok, I had a hard time narrowing down my list of beautiful blogs I read. I decided on some criteria to make my job easier. These blogs are all local (sorry coast trash), and they are all blogs I keep up with fairly regularly. Hope you enjoy catching up with my friends/people I stalk as much as I do!
1. Audra and Andrew-My nursing school friend who first introduced me to html stuff (for of course!) We survived the trenches of nursing school, and now we are staying afloat in mommyhood! She has an adorable son, is a SAHM (yes, I am jealous), and is a coupon queen. Oh, and she has the prettiest blue eyes I've ever seen!

2. Ben and Audrey The real life experience of having two under two! I cant imagine...oh no, I better figure it out! Even on her worst days, Audrey keeps a positive attitude and a thankful heart. We were friends in HS, and then recently reconnected via facebook and our blogs. Jack and Jovie are so cute! She is an inspiration to me because I can see what I have to look forward to...the nitty gritty and the precious moments you wouldn't want to miss.

3. A dad, a mom, and three princesses- We have been friends forever, and I love reading her blog because she reminds me of my mom. Haha, love that dont ya Whit? She has three beautiful girls, and is such a good Mama to them. She has always been maternal, toting our foster babies around at horse shows and such, and watching her girls on the blog is so awesome!

4. The Mills-My sweet work friend, Aundrea. She taught me everything she knew when I was a measly extern on postpartum, and now we get to work together every Monday and Thursday night. We try to carpool so we can both give in to our Sonic cravings and to have someone to keep us awake for the ride home! She is a mommy of one (two in a very short time!), and a joy to be around. She is funny, very smart, and a yummy cook. I aspire to be a Mommy like her one day. Oh yea, and check out her pics. Isn't her little girl the cutest?

5. Wheatley Times A former pom squad member, Valerie and I have been friends since high school. We danced our little hearts out, and since have eaten dinner together once a month at Supper Club. If you want a laugh, read her blog! Her girls are hilarious!

6. Poppy Joy- Ok, I admit, I stalk this blog. Never met her in real life, but I would love for us to be friends! I started reading her blog after her second daughter was born at my hospital. She is an eloquent writer, a fabulous mother, and an inspirational Christian woman. I feel like she has wisdom beyond her years...and we are about the same age! I think everyone would enjoy what she has to say!

7. Three Doodles- This is the newest addition to my list of real-life friends whose blogs I stalk/read. I ran into them at the zoo the other day, and it was so fun to meet these adorable girls in real life. Funny how a blog makes you feel closer to people some how! Alicia is amazing at double tasking everything I am doing just for one. Her girls are right around Kate's age, and I get exhausted just thinking about what her days must be like. But, she always has a smile on her face, and her girls are always dressed to the nines! Love reading about their family!

3. Contact the other bloggers and let them know they won an award.
4. Say 7 things about yourself.
1.Hmm, where to start! I strive everyday to make our home a place that Luke, Kate, and everyone else want to be. I want it to be peaceful and a place of rest, but also a place where fun, loud memories are made. I hope that they will look back one day on our home the way I look back on mine. 2. I love all things Southern! Recently, Southern Living did an article on three things "Southern" we need to bring back. Pastel Easter dresses was one of them. I did not realize that not all families matched their pastel, Sunday best on Easter Sunday. Ours always has, and my mom still calls me to see what our color scheme will be for that year. Cheesy, perhaps? The second thing was corsages on Mother's Day. I remember growing up, Mama always had one on for church. I don't know who eventually dropped the ball on that one, but I don't recall seeing one last year on anyone. I am making sure I order hers soon, and you should too. Check out here to see the what color you need to buy. The last thing Southern that needed to be brought back was hostess aprons. I have started a collection of aprons, and have now decided to wear them more often. Hope everyone joins in on Bringing Southern Back. 3. I think I have come to the conclusion that I love all seasons equally.gasp. I know, I am cheating on you Fall. But something about the changing of seasons is so refreshing. Just when you can't take one more freezing wind, Spring steps in. And that fades to summer=swimming. And when you can't stand the heat, a brisk wind steps in and takes the leaves and our sweat with it. Don't even get me started on Christmas! I just look forward to them all...and I might have to admit, equal! 4. My sister is way cooler than me and always will be. How did that happen? And is Kate destined to be the bossy big sister like I was always (am always) labeled? Poor thing?! 5. I miss my college friends. I have dreams about twice a month that I am back in the KD house. Yep, usually married with child looking like a fool, but I am there nonetheless. What a wonderful time in my life. 6. I just turned 27, and I feel like I should feel more like a grown-up. Do you ever feel as old as you think you should? 27 sounds very mature and I should have my stuff together. But most days I just wanna hang out with Cutie Patootie and make her laugh at me. I guess I should feel like a Mom with the Momobile and all, but so far, it aint happenin. In fact today, I picked up Jake from school and annoyed him all the way home about his dog, just because I can. Real mature, right Amanda? But it was funny, and he couldn't quit laughing, so no harm done. 7. If I could change one thing about myself, I think it would be my voice. I can't sing worth a flip, and I sound like a hick male on the phone/video camera. I also would change my "writing" voice. I am sure I have said here before, but I am a terrible writer, and wish I was more eloquent. I got all the math/science brains and my little bro, Blake, is an incredible writer. He is hilarious and serious and seriously good.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Baby, a Wedding Dress, and Easter

I am sure yall have all picked up on our news, but we are expecting a bundle of joy October 13! This pregnancy has flown by (as everyone said it would). Here is me at 12 weeks. Ah! Already showing! And some juicy details for Audra: Sometimes as nurses we get accused of sharing too much, so if you get offended easily, skip down to the pictures of Cutie Pie. We were very surprised to get pregnant so fast because we were not "trying" at all. But, being the brilliant OB nurse that I am, we weren't preventing either. I was still breastfeeding several times a day, and really hadn't had a regular cycle yet. I think I had planned on counting days and doing my temp and all that when my body was a little more regular. Little did I know that that won't be for another year! Haha! And I know that breastfeeding past six months isn't a guaranteed birth control, but I had a terrible dream about birth control when I stopped it before Kate, and I didn't really want to start taking it quite yet. God knows exactly what he is doing! And although I had never verbalized this to ANYONE, I had already figured out that if Kate and our next baby were going to be two years apart in school, we would have to have one this fall (haha), or soon there after. I want a baby in every season, so spring was out. Isn't it amazing how God heard the (silly) desires of my heart and thought it was good, too? This little baby is already carving out a special place in our hearts. I think with Kate, I felt like I had time to prepare myself because her birth was always next year-after Halloween, after Thanksgiving, after Christmas, and then next year we will have a baby. It is just crazy to think that by Halloween, we will be a family of four. As my friend Aundrea says, when you have two kids, you are a real grown-up! We were surprised, but very excited about the news. We found out when I was about 7.5 weeks along, and we told our families at Kate's Birthday Party. Poor thing has no idea that her world is about to be rocked! Also, our family will be adding another member November 20. Megan and Brett will be getting married! We love him and are so excited about adding to the fam. He proposed in Nawlins over Spring Break at the Court of Two Sisters with twinkling lights above. Romantic, huh? We have been able to tag along on a few wedding errands. It is as much fun as when I was planning my own. I wanted a fall wedding, so I was able to pass along my idea notebook to Meg.
Dont worry...this is NOT the dress she picked! I am not that dum! :) Grammy and PopPop came to visit during their Spring Break. We were so glad to have them here. Wish they were coming back before July!! Playing the piano with Grammy: Luke and I were able to sneak away for a date for my bday! Rocking on the front porch I think we can put her to work! She is such a Daddy's Girl. She cries every morning when he leaves, and claps uncontrollably when he walks back in the door. Love it! I have always loved Easter. The promise of eternal life because what Jesus did for us, the newness of spring, and the beautiful weather. What a knockout combination for a holiday! Easter treats for the kiddies
Easter Family Pic! Nice and calm. More realistic! We have been eating picnic lunches alot lately. This girl loves to be outside! She will go to either door and whine and point until we go outside. She got a swing for Easter, and her Daddy hung it up on one of our huge trees. She loves it!
Photo shoot before church! 13 weeks. Luke decided this one was more real-life with Kate hanging on my legs! Kate was in her first wedding and stole the show! I walked her down the aisle, and she made sure she smiled at every guest on her way down. It was adorable!
"Expect to have hope rekindled. Expect your prayers to be answered in wondrous ways. The dry seasons in life do not last. The spring rains will come again." Sarah Ban Breathnach

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Our Cupcake is One!

Playing with my grocery cart from Uncle D. St Patty's Day at the Gardners! Alysa finally got to give Reed and Kate a lime. Reed wasn't so sure, but Kate loved it! Celebrating her birthday week! The Morning of her real birthday! What a sweet smile to wake up to! We went to the zoo with her cousins on her real birthday. KK, Nana, The Godfather, Meme, and Aunt Julie came too! The weather was perfect, the Muddy's cupcakes were delicious, and the animals were out and about. The cupcake was gone before I could even get out the video camera. Girl knows how to eat! Lovin her some Godfather We had a cookout at my parent's that night. Can you tell she is the center of attention even when it's not her bday? Kate's First Birthday! We did a cupcake theme for her first birthday! I didn't get all the DIY treats done that I had planned, but everything turned out perfectly. I guess that is what happens when you start planning on your way home from the hospital :) We had a wonderful day celebrating the whole year of Kate's life. What a joy she is to everyone who meets her. Birthday Party Decor: Our Menu consisted of the following: This Little Piggy stayed in the Blanket Tootie's Tomato Tarts Kate's Favorite Veggie (guacamole) Hammin' it Up Sandwiches and Sleepin through the Night Strawberry Salad Cake by Yours Truly Melts my heart everytime. And then the guests arrived: The final gift: PawPaw wants a bite! Sharing with Will. Kate, you have been a joy to everyone around you since March 18, 2009 at 2:31 pm. You have grown into the sweetest little toddler around. At one year, you love to walk from one person to the next and are starting to take a few steps without us. It is so awesome to see you changing everyday, but it makes part of my heart sad that you are already growing up. You have said Mama, Dada, Byebye, (and even Byebye Dada once!) and Bubba, but right now you are just jabbering away about things only you know about. I would love to know what is going on in your little head! You love to get in bed with me in the mornings and snuggle now, which I absolutely LOVE!!! You still don't like being put down for naps or bedtime, but you only cry for about 15 minutes. I can't even look back when I've put you in your crib, or I know I would just pick you up again. Very rarely do you wake up at night and can't go back to sleep on your own. On these nights, I love sneaking into your room and rocking you like when you were my baby. You will eat anything we put in front of you. So far, there is not much you stick up your little nose at (sandwich meat this week). You love fruit, veggies, tortillas, and puffs. You light up the world just by being in it, Miss Priss! Wherever we are, Walmart, Kroger, church, you smile at everyone the same with no regard to the things the world passes judgment by. I am learning how to love all equally just by seeing the world through your eyes. It is also so amazing to watch how trusting and innocent you really are. I have to remember that when I am having a bad day.In seven short months, your little world is going to change drastically, but I know you are going to be such a loving Big Sister. I love you, Mama

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Too Busy!

I don't know if I have been too busy to blog, or if my computer is just THAT slow that I get frustrated trying to get on facebook, much less load pictures and write blog posts! I will start with January, and work my way forward. Not too much writing, but lots of pictures. Deal? Deal!
Bday Party for a young friend:
Blake's Backwards Surprise Party: (we got him that sweet jersey for Christmas)
Heather's Baby Shower:
Kate loves kiwi:10 months! No way!BFFs Bday Party
Super Bowl: Loving Bath time :

February:It is still so cold! We are ready to be able to play outside!

Mexican night with the fam:

Cutie almost walking:
Surprise Snow
Kath wins an award:
1st Valentine's Day:
You got any teeth in there?
Valentine's Day date with Daddy:
Whew! I feel much better! Be on the lookout for March and April...coming very soon! P.S. Don't miss the giveaway below.