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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Crazy Busy

pretty much sums up Our Life right now. Between now and October 12, I have my ten year high school reunion, Luke's 30th bday, and Preston's 1st Bday! I cant believe any of this...that I am old enough for my own 10 year reunion (I remember my mom's!), for Luke to be turning 30 (and arent we all thankful he is), and for my baby boy to be a whole year old! I am in charge of our reunion, and it has been months of work and preparation. I am so excited to see it all come together this weekend! Luke is doing well. I really and truly appreciate yall's comments and prayers. It has been a long summer, but we are on the upswing. We have good days and bad ones, but God is good all the time. He is still teaching me daily from this experience.
Never a good idea to send three non decisive girls to a place with this many decisions!
Look at that sweet foot.
Naming Zhuzhu Phelpsie!
Starting off the month of September, we had poopoo in the potty which equaled a trip to Build-a-bear from KK! We have only had it once since then, but I know she'll do it once she's ready (and not so stubborn!) Kate was so cute picking out her cat, and washing it, and dressing it! When we go to the naming, she said "Phelps!" which is my parents' cat's name. My mom explained this was a girl, so Kate said, "Phelpsie!" Love her reasoning!! She picked ZhuZhu out of the naming book they have there for you.

Love these chubby hands
We have spent several lovely days at the zoo and park.The new park at Shelby Farms is amazing!! Love it!!
Loving some spaghetti.
Sportin a mohawk.
So big! Their outfits cost about $3-combined :)
"Silly Preston!"
Both kiddos started MDO this year. Kate absolutely loves it and asks to go every morning when she wakes up. Preston is glad to see me at the end of the day.
This pic cracks me up! Is she bathing her belly?
Come here, Bandit!
Smile, Preston!
We have also spent a ton of time in our backyard! I feel like we need to enjoy the fresh air before the winter, and enjoy our country living while we are here!

See number 70? That's my Jakie Poo!

In blue and gold, getting in position (squatting)
Not too busy to wave at his fan club (Kate and Preston!)
Go Trojans!
My first born is playing football again this year! He looks like such a stud...and he is good! At this game, the guy he was going up against told him to chill out. haha!
one is looking
one is looking
hahaha! Series of pictures like this crack me up!
Playing with the balloons and Papa Q
The Birthday Princess and her cousin, Kate
We were able to go celebrate our niece's 1st Birthday! It was an adorable lady bug theme, and Audrie was the cutest thing! We had a wonderful time hanging out with Luke's family. Love my sweet niece!
We went to a train birthday for our friend, Noah. The Happy Times Farm train was there. I told the driver that I used to have his was kinda funny being on the Mommy side and not in the engine. I remember driving the train and loving watching the moms and their kids. Funny to think about what I thought my life would be like, and how it really is!
Hanging with the big boys
Jack in the Box
Jakie loves dinosaurs
We celebrated the September birthdays at our house last Saturday night. It was Jake's 14th, Nana's ??, and our cousin, Jake's 16th!
Staying dry in her rain coat.
Dirty boy all the way
Pres, No!
What, Sissy? Let me hug you!
Nice and cozy, watching Nemo.
We spent this wonderful, rainy day at home. The kids played outside for a good part of the morning. They loved getting wet and dirty! I brought them in, and they had a nice warm bath, and then Kate wanted to put jammies back on. Perfect day to me!

Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain. -Anonymous