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Thursday, May 21, 2015

February 2015

February was a good month. I always love February because it is still cold and cozy, but the promise of spring is so close. It is also 28 days which makes for a perfectly symmetrical month. Why cant all months be 28 days?!

Kate and Luke went to the Daddy Daughter Dance at our local community center. They had a blast dancing the night away. The boys wanted pictures before hand with Daddy too.

Our love bugs on Valentine's! Sam is not happy sitting in his siblings' laps. 
He thinks he is so big!

We had the lovely surprise of snow! We thought this would be our only chance to get out and play, so we met a few other moms and kids at "the ditch" close to our home. Turns out, this was the start of a very fun snow season that we enjoyed thoroughly!!

Also, the BEST news about Sam being 16 months, besides being adorable, sweet, quiet, calm, and funny...HE STARTED SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!! I am a new person, and probably much nicer during the day now that we are getting a solid night's rest. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

January 2015

Just a little behind...but summer is here, so I thought I would catch up the last 5 months. 

I got all three kid smiling at the camera at once...I should win a prize!
And here are their real personalities!
P loves his sister so very much.
and spaghetti. This boys loves it!
Daddy made us lockers for our back hallway. I perfect place to catch kids and all of our junk!
Blake came in town to do Christmas with him.
He basically won Christmas with this gift. S loved it and kept it on! Haha!
The boys and I enjoyed a pretty day at the zoo.
I loved this mama monkey. P loves to say, "love you, mama monkey," to which I reply, "love you, baby monkey!"
Sam loves to be wherever his people are.
We also had a very fun day the CMOM.
So glad we have these fun winter memories, and so thankful summer is here!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

LifeSong February

15-2 MM email

"When I graduated, I decided to donate a year to Plan Escalon in order to continue helping. And this experience [of giving back] has impacted my life a lot. " -- Nester, Honduras Graduate & Volunteer

Nester is just one of hundreds of students who have been given the opportunity to obtain an education at the Plan Escalon School in Honduras. An education that serves as a springboard, launching them into a hopeful future where cycles of poverty can be overcome and generations can be changed and empowered.

As Nester mentioned, for many there is little chance to obtain an education and direction for the future. Through their schooling and exposure to the Gospel of Christ at Plan Escalon, students like Nester have "caught the vision." The vision of finding needs, meeting needs and changing a nation.

Over 30% of each graduating class have caught this vision and desired to donate a year after they graduate to the Life in Action program, paying it forward to vulnerable children with few educational opportunities.

Would you join us in prayer for our students? Not only at Plan Escalon, but the young children who are being ministered to by our Plan Escalon students and graduates. Pray for God's love to be sown into the hearts of hurting souls and futures could be empowered and changed for good.

Honduras Life in Action-01 college x

Friday, February 6, 2015

Christmas Eve and Morning

On Christmas Eve, Luke had some studying to finish up, so I took the kids to see Santa. They looked absolutely adorable and loved Santa (except Sam, of course). Tootie and Booger gave the man in the red suit their last minute lists.

We enjoyed a Christmas Eve service at Megan and Brett's church, and then we headed to Nannie's. Luke was presented with the carving tool...he has finally made it into the family :) Our family invented the photobomber!

We had a very special visitor!

I love this picture of Kate whispering to Luke.

All the great grandkids.

Nannie even got a visit.

P showing PawPaw his Thor.

Teache Megan explaining the rules to the video swap.

Yay-a picture of all 5 of us looking at the camera!

All the girlies ready for sugar plums!

And the boys being equally as sweet.

Christmas morning was awesome. Kate asked for an unfinished dollhouse so she could design it. The elves made an incredible house!!

P woke up first, of course, and K was not happy to be woken up!

Pickle was just happy with a chocolate Santa.

Tootie also got some big girl books to read.

Booger asked for a Ken doll and a dragon.

K got a baby sling that is the cutest thing ever.

He was so surprised with his new bike!

And little bit finally has something to ride when we play with the neighbors in the street!

P picked out these awesome swim trunks for Luke.

And I got a compost bin!!

We finished up our Advent wreath. We made them as a church family the Sunday after Thanksgiving. We loved adding this to our family traditions this year.

Three happy kiddos!

We packed up and headed to my parents for another round of presents and food!

Blake wasnt with us this year so we had to make do for our annual sibling stair picture.

P was so happy to eat with the teenagers outside.

Our Texas cousins came in town and we got to celebrate with them twice!