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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


13-7 MM Email

Lifesong Farms. Through the partnership and expertise from our friends at Plant Sciences, Inc., jobs have been created for in-county orphan caregivers and orphan graduates who are transitioning into adulthood. The goal of Lifesong Farms is to not only benefit these individuals with employment, but also to establish sustainable businesses to help fund on-going orphan care.
Enjoy these updates from Lifesong Farms in Zambia and Ukraine...


Because of the faithful work of our 16 farm ladies, we have been able to grow and sell berries to local grocery stores. More important than the berries sales, it is exciting to provide employment opportunities for these women, many of them widows, who care for multiple children.

Zambia Employment page


Sales 9

Strawberries from Lifesong Farms-Ukraine are now in 5 different grocery stores in the Kharkov area. Sergei (pictured) and Andrei, both Lifesong graduates, have done an excellent job heading up this project. It's been amazing to watch these two young men, once behind orphanage walls, grow in their relationship with Christ and develop the skills to become successful businessmen. We are thankful to give opportunities to not only these two young men, but over 100 graduates who are employed through Lifesong Farms and other opportunities.


First Harvest is In! - Lifesong Farms-Ukraine share pictures and thoughts from their first harvest this year. Read More

Brush to Berries - Listen in to how Lifesong Farms got started in Zambia. Watch Video

A Growing Potential - Orphan graduates, Andrei and Sergei, receive intentional and godly mentorship through Lifesong Farms. Read more

Sustainable Business - Learn more about Lifesong's sustainable business efforts in Ukraine, Zambia and Honduras.  Read More

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I love the format that we have used the last few years for VBS. We transform our church into an ancient town, have characters that interact with the kids and make them defend their faith, and a yummy dinner every night so mama doesnt have to cook!

 WP_20130610_014 WP_20130610_021 WP_20130610_022 WP_20130610_025 WP_20130610_027 WP_20130611_013 WP_20130611_023 WP_20130612_010 WP_20130612_012

We had another fun, Christ filled week of learning as a family!

Daddy’s Day

We took Luke out on Friday of Father’s Day weekend for some delicious hibachi!WP_20130614_011

The cutest Daddy with the cutest KidsWP_20130614_013

I gave Luke a slightly selfish gift for Father’s Day. On Saturday, we went to Dabney’s Nursery and picked out a few new plants and a yard of mulch! My flower beds had been driving me crazy, so we finally got them situated! I let Luke mow while I planted…and mulched…and he watched baseball…and I mulched…and he bathed the kids…and I mulched. The baby is as big as a grapefruit at 24 weeks!WP_20130615_004

Our front bedsWP_20130619_008WP_20130619_009

The purple wandering jew is the only thing we bought as far as plants for our beds. We went very minimally this year…low upkeep and they look great now!WP_20130619_010I am so proud of my hydrangea bush! We have been enjoying her beautiful blue, purple, and pink blooms! The hostas in front I got from a friend who was cleaning out her beds. They came back and really surprised me in the front and in the back.WP_20130619_012WP_20130619_011WP_20130619_014 This is my side bed with my pretty roses!WP_20130619_007

And now the back! We spend most of our time in the back, so these beds tend to looks better just because I am back there more to mess with them. WP_20130619_001WP_20130619_002 In the back, I have three sections: veggies/herbs, seeds, and planted blooms. These are all plants I let the kids pick out whenever we are grocery shopping. Double treat…they love it, and I love having color back there!

WP_20130619_003 WP_20130619_004

My veggies (tomatoes and peppers) and herbs (orange mint, lavender, and pineapple sage). Also, we have pumpkins where the broken pot pieces are laid out! WP_20130619_005 Saturated this area with seeds and they are already so big. Cant wait for some blooms!WP_20130619_006     On the morning of Father’s Day, I would love to say we served breakfast in bed like I got, but we just let him sleep in, showered him with gifts (a homemade ice cream maker!), and then let him cook us waffles. yum!    WP_20130616_012 WP_20130616_015 WP_20130616_018

KK got all the boys new grill mits! WP_20130616_024 When he is sleeping, he looks just like Blake!WP_20130616_025

So sad I didnt get a picture with my Dad! We enjoyed lunch together and then he had to go to work. Love you, JDiddy Pawpaw!

Grammy and PopPop came in town that night and I didnt get any pics! Thankfully, I know Grammy got lots!!! Grammy, send me your pics and I can update! We had a wonderful, relaxed week with them until Wednesday.

On Friday, Aunt Dee and Audrie came to visit. We love having family in our home to enjoy! We went swimming at KKs!WP_20130621_007 On Saturday, Papa Q and Ninabelle came for lunch for Father’s Day and Papa Q’s birthday!

WP_20130622_002 WP_20130622_006 Preston and Audrie enjoyed each other so much! I loved watching them interact.WP_20130622_012 WP_20130622_013 WP_20130622_018  WP_20130622_020 WP_20130622_019WP_20130622_022

After all the guests left, we started rearranging rooms! We are moving Kate and Preston into what was the guest room/Preston’s original nursery so we can put the new baby in Kate’s old room. WP_20130622_026 WP_20130622_027

The surprising thing about fatherhood was finding my inner mush. Now I want to share it with the world.  Christopher Meloni

Summer loving and Loving summer

We have been so spoiled with the wonderful weather this summer. It has been exceptionally cool for this time of year in Memphis. It has finally started cranking up this week, but so far, we have been able to enjoy lots of time outside! The summer I was pregnant with Preston was the hottest summer eva, so this has been a lovely change!

We enjoyed small  group around the pool one night!WP_20130602_002 We met up at the zoo with Jake and some of his friends and some of our friends too!WP_20130604_001 WP_20130604_004 WP_20130604_005 WP_20130604_021WP_20130604_006 WP_20130604_007 

I really thought I was going to have some help in the yard since they were dressed for the part…


Ten minutes later we were back inside for a costume change and some cool water!WP_20130605_003 I made this mohawk hat for the newest rockstar born to our group!WP_20130605_005 WP_20130607_003Preston earning his keep at PawPaws. WP_20130607_005 Kate found a nasty snakeskin at my parentss. Thankfully, Dad found the snake days later. Holla snake!

My mom and I snuck away for a night to go to one of my BFF from high school’s wedding. I hate that I didnt take more pictures! It was on a beautiful farm in Franklin and was so much fun!

WP_20130607_006 WP_20130608_001

High school buddies! Kristen (on my left in pink) and I are due a week apart!WP_20130608_002

The MOB, the bride, me, and my Mama! WP_20130608_009

Riding their horses.WP_20130613_001 Eating watermelon at Mama June’s and hanging out in the play house!WP_20130614_002 WP_20130614_005

Preston fixed him and Kate breakfast! Love his morning hair!WP_20130626_002

We got a new (to us) playset for Preston’s birthday! He doesnt turn 3 until October, but it was a great deal, so his grandparents went in together for this treat!

WP_20130627_005 Sidewalk chalk is so stressful.WP_20130628_027

Sprinkler Park cuties!WP_20130620_005

Pregnant Mamas and a cute boy!

WP_20130620_007 WP_20130621_002

Enjoying our friends at birthdays at the park and at small group!WP_20130629_001 WP_20130630_001 Summer lovin, had me a blast! Summer lovin, happened so fast!