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Friday, April 25, 2014

Eatin’ sketti for Meg and Bretty

Megan and Brett have been trying to get pregnant for over three years. It has been so hard being the older sister that can’t fix it, but it has been such an honor to get to walk through this (surgery, procedures, disappointments, excitement) with my sister. Megan and Brett have never once complained, asked,”why me?”, had any kind of self-pity moment, or been anything less than excited when I (or anyone else for that matter) announced a pregnancy. Honestly, I absolutely dreaded telling them when we found out I was pregnant with Sam, so I went to them first. They both instantly smiled and were truly excited for my family. She had surgery the day before my due date. Kate and Preston were both born a day before their due date. I had my praying circle praying I wouldn’t go into labor while Megan was in the hospital or recuperating so she could have my family’s help and be able to rest. We all prayed a little too hard on that one (thankyou 7 bonus pregnant days!) They have walked through this unwanted road of infertility with such positive attitudes. Then again, that is just who they are. I don't know why I would think they would do this any differently! I know they have moments of extreme sadness, but they have not let that define who they are. They are having IVF this summer, and we are all so very excited for them!

Their wonderful friends organized a dinner in support of baby BooHeinie! We were blown away by the people that showed up, donated, and are praying constantly for this sweet baby. We had people from every aspect of all of our lives represented. I stood at the door handing out tickets, so I got to see each and every face as they walked in and tell them thanks. I don’t think they know what it means to all of us for them to be there. The dinner was on Wednesday of the last week of March, and we had a wonderful time too!IMG_7040 This room was full shortly after I took this pic! FULL!IMG_7046 Brett’s sister, Mom, my mom, Aunt KellyIMG_7050 Taking moneyIMG_7052IMG_7053 Jake, Uncle Bucky, and DadIMG_7054 I had the genius idea of making these spaghetti and meatball cupcakes. Couldnt be too hard right? Grammy was still in town, but she had to go to a funeral that day in Tupelo. I made the cupcakes on Tuesday, and then headed to my mom’s to decorate them on Wednesday with three kids in tow. She has a fancy cupcake decorator from Pampered Chef. I borrowed it before Kate’s 1st bday, and it was broken when I took it out of the box. A little stressful the day of a cupcake party! Grammy and I stood there and iced all the cupcakes by hand that day! So, I replaced my moms decorator. I got to her house and I couldnt find the connector piece. Finally found it in the back of a drawer. Then the dang thang would not screw together. We loaded up and ran to Bed, bath, and beyond and purchased a third decorator. It was not the nice, easy one, and let’s just say my hands might still be cramping from these cupcakes. IMG_7057 IMG_7065 Daddy doc and Granny TIMG_7066 Travis and LizzyIMG_7078 IMG_7085Brett, Jeremy, Joey IMG_7087 Twins!IMG_7090 IMG_7091 IMG_7094 The Greenes and SnydersIMG_7095 IMG_7096 IMG_7098 IMG_7099  Nana,Robert, and AshleeIMG_7101 IMG_7102 IMG_7103 IMG_7105 IMG_7107 IMG_7110 IMG_7111 IMG_7113 IMG_7118These girls and their kindergarten teacher! IMG_7120 Family!IMG_7122   IMG_7100           IMG_7124 IMG_7128 IMG_7130 IMG_7131 IMG_7134 IMG_7136 IMG_7137 IMG_7138 IMG_7171IMG_7162Jake and I doing what we love-counting money and eating.IMG_7140 We were so excited!!IMG_7150 These three put on a show while we were counting and recounting and paying the bill!IMG_7152 IMG_7155 IMG_7156 They made $8000 towards their IVF! I cannot even believe it!!! Everyone was so generous with their time and money. SO so so generous! Brett is really fun to do for because he is so appreciative. He kept saying, “Are you sure? I cant believe it! Are you sure?!” I got nervous I counted wrong and had Megan text me the total when they got home. Thankfully, I wasnt! We were all just blown away!IMG_7165

I love this little sister so very much. I cannot wait to watch her become a Mama. I also cant wait to pay her back for all the babysitting hours her and Uncle Bretty have put in!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Kate is a hand full…and new carpet

We got home from our spring break trip late Sunday night. Luke and his dad (Papa Q), spent their spring break getting our house ready to put on the market. We were getting new carpet and a new roof that Monday. They painted, packed, and did yard work. Even with all that work, our house was upside down because of the new carpet. This meant everything in all three bedrooms and closets had to be moved to our den/dining room/kitchen area. I spent Monday doing that, grocery shopping, going to play group to see our friends we had missed, and celebrating St. Patty’s day. WP_20140317_003 WP_20140317_004 WP_20140317_009 WP_20140317_011 WP_20140317_012 I know I am being a whiny hiney, but coming home from being out of town for a week to this chaos was slightly unnerving. It is no bueno to unload groceries and three kids in this maze. Ok, no more whining!WP_20140317_019 That night, we had to go to my parents’ because all of our beds were in the den. Kate and Preston enjoyed playing with the play-do that came from Audrie!IMG_6965 And just like that, she went to bed as a four year old…
IMG_6971And woke up 5. Five. I cannot believe it. She loves to say, “Mama! I am a hand full!”IMG_6974 Of course, the day before she reminded me how excited she was the Happy Birthday banner would be at KK’s. It was still at Eden’s from the Frozen party. NBD.IMG_6972  IMG_6981 And the day before at the grocery store when I begged her to let me buy store bought cupcakes…nope. We had these yummy things whipped up for school.WP_20140318_012 IMG_6982 WP_20140318_019 Preston, “Look! Im a bed with feet!”WP_20140318_026 We went to dinner at her choice, El Po. IMG_6987 IMG_6994 IMG_6995 And they did her favorite thing…sing! I didnt get a pic of my side of the table with Granny T, Luke, and Uncle Brett!IMG_6998 IMG_7005 Kate found one clown topper for Megan’s cupcake. She said, “I really want to freak Meme out!”IMG_7019  The rest of the week we spent trying to get out house back in order/packed to get it on the market and for our guests.IMG_7025 Papa Q and Ninabelle came Saturday and brought a big girl bike! She took off and has been on it everyday since! Unfortunately, I had strep and spent the day in bed…which also meant the meal and birthday dessert I had planned was still in the fridge when I emerged the next day. No time for sickness!WP_20140322_004
This sweet boy doesnt like to sleep. He sure is happy though!
WP_20140324_003 This perfectly sums up how we all feel in the morning. I am on Kate’s side of the happy scale.WP_20140324_006
Some morning yoga.WP_20140324_009 WP_20140324_011 WP_20140324_013 Grammy got to town about 2 oclock on Monday. She spent her whole spring break with us! We got to celebrate her birthday, Kate’s, and got some more house things done.IMG_7027 IMG_7029 IMG_7033
I spent Tuesday doing this (see next post!):
PopPop came into town on Wednesday!

Birthday presents from Aunt Kelly and Uncle Bucky!

Sam doesnt have a chance...

That was the beginning of crazy week after spring break…our spring continues to get crazier!

The spring came suddenly,
bursting upon the world
as a child bursts into a room,
with a laugh and a shout
and hands full of flowers
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow