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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring...or Winter Part Two

We have been so crazy busy the last four weeks I have got to catch up!! Lots going on here at the Cantrell Casa! The week before Spring Break, I had two wonderful surprises!! I found out Laurette and her babies were going to be in town, so we made plans to hang out on Wednesday. I love love love being with my besties babies! IMG_6490 IMG_6485 IMG_6477 Here are some pics before school on Thursday. Sweet baby in his cradle for the last time! Trying IMG_6495
Trying out his crub.
Some IMG_6523 Some brother and sister loving before school!IMG_6510 IMG_6508
Friday morning, Heather and her kiddos were dropped off by her hubby who had class in Memphis. We had so so so much fun! Laurette came back with her kids, and we played all day. It was just like when we lived in the KD house together…except more relaxing with seven kids 4 and under running around.
IMG_6568 Love love love!!
Trouble!!!WP_20140307_004 WP_20140307_008 Things got a little wild!IMG_6577 IMG_6582 This picture gives me even further proof I need a Sister Wife. A picture of me and my kids! Thankyou!!IMG_6593 With Kate’s sassiness, she shoulda been Heather’s daughter :)IMG_6596 And these are a few photos we sent to our friends who werent here to make them jealous…I am sure it worked.
WP_20140307_011 WP_20140307_012 IMG_6603 IMG_6608 IMG_6611 IMG_6618
My saint of a husband let us sneak out for a grita and some cheese dip…it only took three restaurants to accomplish this simple order. #byhalialivingWP_20140307_022 IMG_6625 IMG_6635

As the Skaggs were leaving on Saturday night, I headed out for my dear friend Julianne’s sprinkle who will be welcoming Baby Jack any day!! 

IMG_6638 IMG_6642 IMG_6644    

Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest.

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