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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring Break Part 2

We left Chicago after the AG store and headed to Indy! To say we were packed into the car is an understatement. WP_20140313_042On Friday, we explored a little including a delicious lunch complete with homemade marshmallows!  I dont know what I thought about Indy before, but we LOVED the city. It was so clean and nice. Just about everything was within walking distance from Blake’s, and we really enjoyed our time there.WP_20140314_005 WP_20140314_007 WP_20140314_008 WP_20140314_011

When Blake got off work, we walked to a delicious restaurant, and then walked around the circle. Indy is second only to DC in monuments in a city.  WP_20140314_014 WP_20140314_027 WP_20140314_028 WP_20140314_037 WP_20140314_043 WP_20140314_050 WP_20140314_054 WP_20140314_058 WP_20140314_063 WP_20140314_067 Saturday, we enjoyed hanging out at Blake’s and a delish Mexican lunch.WP_20140315_001 WP_20140315_003 WP_20140315_004 WP_20140315_006 WP_20140315_008

Then we went duck pin bowling. We had a blast! It was in a vintage bowling alley on a second story.  WP_20140315_016 WP_20140315_018 WP_20140315_020 WP_20140315_021 WP_20140315_023 WP_20140315_024WP_20140315_029

Kath really loves putt putt…but duck pin bowling is a close second.WP_20140315_032 WP_20140315_034

WP_20140315_035 WP_20140315_037 WP_20140315_059 We walked back in time for naps and grilling! Preston asked me to light the hoop on fire so he could jump through it.

WP_20140315_065 WP_20140315_066 WP_20140315_067 WP_20140315_068 IMG_6942 IMG_6947 IMG_6949 IMG_6958 Chelsea made yummy cupcakes for Kate’s bday!IMG_6960 IMG_6961 We packed up Sunday morning, and after stuffing ourselves at brunch, we came back south!WP_20140316_006

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