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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A China Cabinet in my Bedroom?

No I did not photoshop that china cabinet into my bedroom. Luke's parents gave us this very beautiful piece of furniture, and we picked it up the weekend we were in Jackson. As we were bringing it up the stairs at 11 that night, Luke announces that it needs to go into our bedroom. I am like, "Why in the world would anyone put a China cabinet in a bedroom?" Luke says we have nice China, and I am going to throw it all away unless we display it. I tell him that people that live in apts usually don't display their nice China, but he is not budging. I decide I can't win every battle, so our China is now proudly displayed in our bedroom. I must admit it is fun to look at, but the only downfall is it covers the window so I can sleep for hours....Not to mention it is a FIRE HAZARD! But Luke is happy, and I get to look at my nice things every morning when I wake up. Such is life. I was so excited to see Heather while we were in Jackson. I got to meet Sophie, Bandit's girlfriend (he DID get a Valentine from her), and it was so wonderful to see Heather's sweet face. I don't realize how much I miss everyone until I see them! My friends April and Amanda both rode extremely well, and April won her class.Be looking for us in upcoming issues of Southern Horseman. I think they made me catch the horse bug again. I haven't shown since my freshman year of college, and I miss it so much! Not even the showing, just being on a horse. It was fun to live vicariously through them for a weekend.My mom, Mr. Harold, and Tracey: Last week Luke was in Houston from Wednesday through Monday, so I went for the weekend. It is such a huge city, and we enjoyed as much of it as we could fit in. We ate at P.F. Chang's (and Marble Slab!), and I got to shop at Forever 21. We also went to this store called IKEA, which we don't have in Memphis (or Tyler!). It is like Costco, but it is full of housewares. And it is two stories. I just walked around in a stupor b/c there was so much to look at. Such a perfect weekend! We also visited the Museum of Natural Science and were able to hang out with Ryan and Brock, two of Luke's fraternity brothers. It is so fun to explore new cities! On Monday night, Luke and I went to eat at a couple from our Sunday School class' house. They are so sweet and we really enjoy their company. Well, they don't have any kids, and obviously we don't either, so they really wanted us to bring Bandit. I tried to tell them that he has little man syndrome and doesn't get along well with others, but they insisted. Of course, they have a well mannered Sheltie who stops and goes on command, and Bandit was all over the place. He stole all of her toys, her food, her treats, and bit her repeatedly. Luke made a great observation,"Well, at least we know what it's like to have the bad kid!" Being the loving mother that I am,I made excuses, blaming Bandit's behavior on the fact that he is used to playing with our outside dogs at home, and they play rough. Oh well, at least he can do a pirouette.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Throw Me Something, Mister!

Happy Fat Tuesday to everyone! In honor of this holiday, my sweet husband bought me six pounds of crawfish yesterday while he was working in Louisiana. Unfortunately, he didn't get home until 9:30 last night, so I had to eat my mudbugs for lunch. I can literally eat crawfish until my thumbs are cut up and it is gone. You can see the damage I did pictured above. Six pounds later, I am as full as a tick and mighty happy. Bandit got a few bites and loved it! I hope your Mardi Gras meals are as yummy as my lunch was! Last year at this time, Luke was living in Lafayatte, LA. My parents, Jake, and I made the trek south for a Mardi Gras parade in the rain and some delicious beignets. Although we will not be seeing any parades this year, I am sure that someone out there will make it to a parade or two. This site has some tips on how to catch the good stuff. Enjoy!! Laissez les bons temps rouler!!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Bed, Bath, and Bones

Today Luke and I are meeting my parents and some friends in Jackson. We are going to the Dixie National Quarter horse, and my friends April and Amanda are riding! We are also going to be able to meet his parents for lunch, so it worked out really well. The only downside is that I have to leave Bandit, that precious pooch pictures above, at a kennel. This will be his first time alone, and I am kinda getting stressed about it. So, I wake up this morning and call Bed, Bath, and Bonz to rent the indoor/outdoor run, because he loves to be outside, it is cost friendly, and it is freakin freezin here. Of course, because I have been denying the fact that my sidekick must be left behind, I put off until this morning to call. They don't have the "normal" run, but instead I can get an outdoor only run, or a suite. I order the outdoor run because I have a manly dog and hang up. I start feeling bad because he is going to be all alone, probably scared, and missing me terribly. I call three other kennels in Tyler; one of them keeps the dogs in CRATES!! Absolutely no room to move!! Luke is out on a job with no cell service, so I have to put on my big girl panties and make an executive decision. Bandit is getting the suite. I do no want him to be cold, and he can watch Animal Planet until his little heart is content (oh, did I not mention it had a flippin tv?)I think I am going to add on the $5 belly rub and $7.50 nature hike... I mean, what the heck? No worries, crisis overted, and I can hopefully enjoy my weekend away. "I'm going to Jackson," -Johnny Cash

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Another holiday has come and gone...

When I took Bandit out this morning, it was SNOWING!! Not big flakes, but tiny perfect ones. I had on my infamous red fleece robe (that Luke calls my horseblanket), so I could really see the little white flakes. It is amazing that something so tiny can have such detail.What an awesome way to start the day! Luke and I had a perfect first married Valentine's Day. We wanted to go eat at this Japanese restaurant, but it had no room in the inn. So, on Luke's way home for work, he stopped and got me sushi and yellow roses! They are so pretty that I posted a picture so yall could enjoy them too. He bought a card, which was really funny because it was not Valentiney (is that a word) at all. We ended up eating at this little Italian restaurant down the street and it was good!! During dinner I asked Luke why he loves me (which I do from time to keeps him on his toes) and he always replies with the most genuine answers. It is like he has been waiting all day for that question. I never can think of anything half as nice as he does, so I decided to think about it, and tell yall why I love my husband. 1. He can make me laugh about anything. Including when we are in a middle of a fight. 2. He is always on my side-even if I am wrong (which is seldom). 3. He is full of surprises. One of his favorite things to do is surprise me and others. 4. He gets along with my family. They are a little on the crazy side (as you will see in later pics) and he just goes with the flow. 5. He is always looking out for my best interest, even when it interferes with his own. 6. He plays along well with my little "Why do you love me?", or "This is my solo, you sing the girl's part," and last, "Parade me around the apt so I can wave to all my fans." Yes, he truly is a good sport. 7. He equals out my frugality (again, is that a word?). I always buy the cheapest of everything and he reminds me that is not always the best option. 8. He is Hot! When we got home, a little Valentine fairy (me) had left a note on the door for Luke to follow. It lead him on a scavenger hunt around our apartment (all 330 sq. ft. haha) and ended up in the freezer.These are the clues, and what was left of Luke's piece of cake. The prize was his very favorite Dairy Queen cake!! And I must say I like them too! Needless to say, it was a sweet ending to a sweet day! I hope that everyone else had a Happy Sweetest Day as well. Last week, I was about to go crazy in this apartment because all of my paperwork for work has NOT gone through (and I cant start until it does), so Luke decided we should pack up and head home for the weekend. We arrived in Memfrica about 1:30 am, and I just let Bandit loose in my parents room. My mom had just lain (teachers, I need to take English again...obviously those ADS teachers weren't big on grammar, but they were big on cows)and exclaimed, "Bandit, is that you?" Luke and I were hiding out in the den! Blake had come home for the weekend, but he was out and about so Mom called him and he came home. I had made the family this oreo ball bouquet, so Luke went and got it and we assembled it for all to eat and see. It was so good! The four of us stayed up till four eating and talking and eating. It was a wonderful, relaxing weekend, and I am so glad Luke suggested it! Here are some pics from our adventures: Jake's (aka Basketball Jones) Game My crazy mother (no, she wasn't being funny...that's just her) Does this explain why I am like I am? My cute, pregnant cousin in MY girls' nursery. Jennifer is having twins, Maggie and Evie, in April! I am pushing for April 5, so we will see! There nursery is adorable; the bedding is Womb with a View from Land of Nod. She has such great taste, and it is so cute. I can't wait to get my hands on those little girls! And doesn't Jennifer look great? Her belly is huge, but nothing else is. Tonight is my night to veg on the couch (because I am so busy the rest of the week-HA). It starts with The Office at 7:30, which leads to Gray's at 8:00, and my new favorite, Men in Trees, at 9:00. I can't help it but I like Anne Heche, even with her dating background. I wish my eyes were shaped like hers. I am fixing to go pick up my bridemaid's dress from Weddings A to Z (sentimental because Brenda was my first friend in Tyler, and they jumpstarted my modeling career), so pray my dress will fit! I got measured the week after our honeymoon, so I was the smallest I have been in a while...I don't think Luke will go for re-ordering a bigger size. I also just ate a plateful of left-over "A Twist on Meatloaf", recipe compliments of my Aunt Tracey Boo. It was delicious the first eating and again today. I will leave you with that...Looking back over my post, I sure do talk about food alot.

Monday, February 12, 2007

I sent you to college for this?

This is what my parents asked me when they came to visit and this is what my friends and I had to show them. I will say that we kept the KD house very entertained our last semester there (we had really hard classes like artcrafts and aerobics). We went caroling, made them sit as our audience for dances, and did "The Kathy" throughout the entire upstairs. My sweet friend, Lindsey, took time out her busy law school schedule to send me this. Isnt she fabulous? It is me, her, and our friend Tricia.I hope you enjoy this video as much as we enjoyed our last semester.

Show Me That Smile!

Check out our sweet dance moves!

Thursday, February 8, 2007

It smells like watermelon outside...

and not like watermelon flavored lip gloss. Like an actual watermelon. Maybe the groundhog was right and winter is almost over! Yea! Because most of my friends have real jobs and don't have the luxury of surfing the web all day like I do, I try to keep yall informed of the msot up-to-date news. Today's news is Anna-Nicole is dead. I wonder if they will do a paternity test now that she can't decline one. And do we think she OD like her son? That poor baby that has been left behind. Although, now she might actually have a chance. That is all for today!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

I'm going to Canton (TX, that is)

35 miles down the road is North America's largest outdoor market. It happens the first weekend of every month (1st Monday), and it is so much fun. They have everything from nice furniture, to dogs and cats, to old antiques. My favorite part is the greasy fair food that is served.Yum yum. This was my and Luke's second time to visit, and we found some goodies!
Cool Slideshows
On Saturday mornings, my dad always cooked the family waffles. That was the only time he ever cooked, but his famous waffles made up for it! Luke has started the same tradition and has cooked every Saturday we have been married. He has done an excellent job so far, and even made the food fun. Heart-shaped waffles (from the waffle iron Nana and Ned gave us) Princess, frog prince, and unicorn pancakes. (from the pancake cutters Jake gave us!) We also recently discoverd that Bandit loves to watch Animal Planet. This is the first time he has showed interest in the tv, and he watched it until we changed the channel. So funny! We watched the Super Bowl at a couple from Sunday school's house and had a great time. I made my "Shrimp Stuff" that consists of shrimp, bell peppers, japs,onions, and Italian dressing and everyone was impressed. Haha! It is so easy! Luke went out on a job yesterday morning at 6:45 am, and hasn't gotten home yet. I am so thankful he loves his job, because he would be miserable otherwise! Bandit and I definitely missed him last night, but I was able to watch Celebrity Weddings without feeling guilty. Only one more week until I will have a big girl job. I am trying to get in as much reading/internetting/watching Ellen and Oprah as I can. I can't wait to see everyone. Jake told me last night to drop my half-pint and come on home. He cracks me up every single day! I miss him so much! Have a happy week~