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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Kids

I feel like the last few posts have been such downers, here are some pictures of my cute kids to lighten the mood. The have been so resilient since the wreck...much more than I could have anticipated. It has been good to be home and get back into a somewhat normal routine.
Side story: One night at the hospital, my arms were just aching to hold my babies. I left Luke (who was still "asleep") in the TICU after the 9 pm visit, and passed a mom about my age with a little girl about Kate's age. The little girl was fussy, and just reached her sweet little arms out to me. I got to hold her and she put her head down on my shoulder. Her daddy had also been in a wreck and was getting discharged home. I was so thankful for that little moment to be able to love a baby (even if it wasnt my own), and  to be so thankful for what God had given me.
Another Kate story: The whole time Luke was in the hospital, Kate would say," Daddy's sick, but Mommy's there." Bless her!
Ok, now on to my cuties:

Playing in Dad's box

Preston is strictly a bottle baby now. My sweet friend brought me a pump from work to The Med right after the wreck. I pumped once up there, and then my milk dried up completely (minus one feeding-see below). No hurting, no weaning, nothing. I was pumping in our shower in the critical care waiting room, so I felt like the milk was contaminated with MRSA or VRE or something-haha-so it was kinda nice that God completely took care of that for me. I went to my parents' house I think on Wednesday after the wreck for a shower. Preston was there, and while I was snuggling with him, I felt my milk coming back in. I got to nurse him that one last time, and then I was finished for good. He has tranistioned so well. Before the wreck, he only took bottles while I was at work, and he definitely did not prefer them. He is a champ!
And Miss Priss is so glad to have everyone home...especially her Daddy!!
Coco's 1st Birthday...a Whale of a Time!
Some of my wonderful friends that have stepped in and taken care of us. Someone asked me the other day why I liked our church, and they are right here.
See that? Daddy is standing up!
And we have new tricks...
Taking turns
And cruising!
Ah! I could eat him up. My mom said, "You cant even hold him without kissing all over him!"
Looking dapper in a vintage outfit worn by his uncles.
Enjoying the zoo with Juju.
Catching up on her emails.
Do you think she loves him or what?!
I think this will get her outta alotta trouble in about 10 years.
And my bestie had her baby...Easton Samuel. Isnt he a dollbaby?
Kate was so glad to see her Lizzie and baby Easton.
I think he might need a manlier couch to watch his sports on.
Taking care of baby.
Maybe this will keep him out?!
Uh oh..she loves cheese dip as much as Mama!
And talking on the phone as much too!
Juju's here?!
Dumping out the baskets.
Bandit came home from my grandparents the second week of August. We were glad to have everyone back under one roof!
Preparing vaccinations for babies.

We have been wearing our Florida clothes around town since Florida didnt see them this year.
Kate and her twinkie posse.
Jake and Pres in another one of Blake/Jake's outfits. Those are tiny airplanes on the collar-LOVE! Did I mention while Luke and I were at the hospital Preston started crawling, Kate started talking in paragraphs, and Jake is now 3 inches taller than me and 35 lbs heavier. All three of my babies are growing up!
Two little monkeys jumping on the bed!

Ok, if you have made it this far, you are probably either a grandparent or Aunt Tracy. Hopefully that got my caught up for a while!

When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around. Willie Nelson

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

They tried to make me go to rehab

Since July 1, we have physical therapy three times a week, and usually one drs appointment too. I have split my time between that and the kiddies. I was so glad to be home to them, and I know Luke was too. We stayed at my parents for three weeks, and then came home the last week of July. We had needed the help with babysitters until then (while I was at work, sleeping afterwards, appointments, etc), but I wanted us to be home so my mom could have one week of her house to herself before she started school back. We had basically taken over their house. Kate and I in one room, Pres in one, Luke in one, Lukes potty chair in one bathroom, his shower chair in the other, and him in the recliner at all hours of the day and night. She had had the kids almost continually since June 10,and Megan had helped a ton too! My dad was able to take three weeks off while Luke was still in the hospital, so I never worried they weren't being taken care of. Larry and Nina have come several weekends to visit, and Amy and Benny came the 1st week of July for four days. Sherrie & Hayden (twice), Patsy, Jennifer, Janette, Hilda, Mike, Katie, Michael, and baby Audrie have all come to help too. In fact, between all the grandparent and aunt/uncle loving theyve received, they are pretty spoiled! I also have some amazing friends that have helped a ton! Amy is back this week to help. I have been so humbled by all of the help we have recieved. And, nine of my family members canceled our annual beach trip to stay and take care of my kids. More importantly, no one has complained...they are the best! I am so glad they love my kids (almost) as much as me.

Add caption
Luke went from a wheelchair and only walking at therapy, to crutches last week. He is getting around so well. Oh yea, in the middle of July, he was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Dont google that unless you want to get depressed. His left femur was broken, but his right foot has been killing him. Hurting so bad he was constantly yelling out in pain. Once they were able to diagnose him, he started therapy to desensitize those nerves as well. His dad made some texture sticks for us to do therapy at home too. That has been the biggest obstacle since he has been home. He is on medicine too, and between that and therapy, he is able to sleep for longer than three hours at night, he can almost put his whole foot down to walk, and he can get in and out of the car alone.

I appreciate everyone's prayers more than I can type here. Please keep them coming. I have never "felt" prayer until now...and it feels good!

Almost done!

After he woke up, he had some of the funniest things to tell us. His version of what was going on was slightly different than reality! He kept us laughing all day. He thought he was at CTU (from the show 24), and he was very nosey about what was going on in the rest of ICU. He was very sensitive to sounds, and started mimicking all the other monitors from other people's rooms.

On Tuesday night, they moved him to a stepdown unit and he stayed there for 3 nights. These were very hard. I couldnt stay with him, the nurses weren't as responsive, and he had horrible dreams/hallucinations the whole time he was here. The nurse had to call me several nights at 2 am to come calm him down. It was very scary, and I knew he thought what he was saying was really happening. They said it was just from all the medicine he had while he was on the ventilator. The dr had given him the ok to come home, but physical therapy recommended inpatient rehab. I started working on getting him placed there on Wednesday. On Thursday, my grandparents came and sat up there all day so they could be there for visitation times. I went home to see my babies and was back for the 5 visitation. They told me he would be on a regular floor by 2, so we took the kids up there to visit. He was still on stepdown, so my parents took us to eat and we came back at 7 when they told us too.  Finally, at 8:30 he was on a regular floor!This meant Kate and Preston could come visit, and I could stay in the room with him! Yay! He continued to work with PT, but was getting no IV meds or fluids and had his catheter out. He was starting to look like himself again, but his eyes weren't quite there yet. His voice was off and so were his mannerisms. It is hard to explain, but he just wasnt quite himself yet. We stayed there Thursday night, and by Friday afternoon he was discharged to inpatient rehab down the street. I packed up my life from the previous two weeks in the waiting room and followed the ambulance there. They got him all checked in and I had to come home. It was so hard leaving him...only the second since he had fallen asleep, but it was so nice to sleep in a bed! Those lovely chairs in the waiting room are about as comfy as you would imagine them to be.

The next morning, I got to rehab to visit, and Luke told me he could leave for the day. I did NOT believe him, and we headed off to find his nurse. I thought," Bless his heart! He is going to be so embarassed in front of the nurses." But he was right! We checked him out and my parents met me to help bring him to their house. My dad set up the wheelchair ramps and we were able to get him in the house and onto the couch. Larry and Nina  came to visit, and Uncle Bucky and Aunt Kelly showed up with milkshakes. I think Luke felt so much better being able to lay on a couch for a few hours! We loaded him back up and got him back to rehab for dinner. It took 28 minutes for Luke to get from sitting in my car to standing beside it. He was in alot of pain extremely weak. He stayed there for another week, and I just went back and forth to visit everyday. He was discharged on Friday, July 1 to come home. We headed to my mom and dad's and started getting ready for the 4th of July (Luke's favorite holiday!)

Monday, August 1, 2011

June 15

This was the Wednesday after the wreck. Probably one of the hardest days because we were told to just let Luke rest. That is no fun, and we saw very little improvement. P6151695


On Thursday, June 16, Luke’s nurse called me about 3:30 am to tell me his ICP was up. She was going to give him some medicine, but when she sat up the head of the bed, it went back down. Amen! Sunday-Tuesday, I slept at his bedside. By Wednesday, I was ok enough to go to the critical care waiting room to sleep. I visit at night from 9-11, and then sleep until about 5, and visit until the day shift got there. They would let me back in about 9 am, I would leave about 11, come back at one, leave about 3, come back at 5, my parents would take me to dinner, and then back at nine. At first, whenever I was not at his bedside, I just shook uncontrollably. In fact, I was shaking so bad at the wreck site the sheriff gave me a tshirt to put on. The only other time I have ever shaken like that is when I was in labor. The trauma team said they might put a tracheotomy in to take prevent damage his throat.

On Friday, June 17, one week since the wreck, your nurse called to tell me that your eyes were open. That is a wonderful way for me to wake up that morning! I left at my usual 7 am, and by 8, Mike, our fave nurse, called to tell me to come back. Your eyes were open, you were moving your head side to side, and the bolt had been taken out! Ah! Just to see your pretty baby blues again was a miracle. They decided to see how you would do over the weekend before they decided on the trach. YAY! You have been on and off a cooling blanket for a fever, and it makes you so uncomfortable. I just hated it. Today was wonderful. You followed us with your eyes all day, and you wanted the tube out of your throat. I mentioned that the other summer associates brought by food after the talent show at work, and your face got very confused. It had dawned on you that it was past Wednesday (thats when the talent show was), I felt horrible. Also, one of our dear friends, Zach, came and prayed over Luke. He mentioned camping to Luke and he grinned from ear to ear. So glad to see him smile, even if it was around the intubation tube.


Saturday, June 18, was a wonderful day. Early that morning, one of the neurologist came by and said by looking at his MRI, he shouldve had a series of mini strokes but he saw no manifestations whatsoever. Megan had spent the night down there with me, so after that we just waited to visit again at 9. At 10, they took out your vent tube. When the nurses came out into the hallway, they were all cracking up. Apparently, you told them your name was Luke Skywalker. They let us in for about ten minutes, and when I told you I loved you, you whispered back, “I love you, too.” At the next visit, I showed up pictures and videos of the kids. You loved seeing those. At the 5 oclock visit, you were so angry. Your mom, sister, and my mom left me alone with you because you were so mad. I reassured you the best I could.

Father’s Day, June 19; when I got down there for my 5 am visit, the nurse said you had helped move yourself in the bed for your bath. She had just given you some pain meds, so you said Good Morning and then went sound asleep. We had a wonderful day with a wonderful ending…Preston got to come visit. I went to my parents for the first time and got your mom to stay at the hospital in case you needed something. It was a Happy Father’s Day indeed!