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Thursday, September 30, 2010

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Yes we are alive and well. Just busy! And, Luke has started back to school, so my computer access is limited! Anyway, we are growing and getting ready for baby boy to make his appearance. I completely missed out on posting anything about the month of August, so I will do my best to catch up!
We met the Skaggs in Oxford for a mid afternoon ice cream date. Jones is the chunkiest monkey ever, and I love him
And Kate may never be a KD. This is her on the stage at Proud Larry's. Makes a mama proud...haha

We enjoyed a last few pool days. I dont know about yall, but it is freakin hot. Still. 98 degrees on the 22nd of September? Fall, I promise we will be nice if you just show your face!

And then we started the transition of Kate to a Big Girl Room, and our Guest Room to a Nursery for Preston. We got the crib moved, and when Luke started on the changing table and dresser, I couldnt quit crying. So we found something else for Baby Boy. Blake, I hope you didnt need that dresser in your room!

Ill post some finished room pics later. Her toddler bed is adorable!
And this is how I find Kate alot of the time. On a phone, with a purse, and usually a baby in her arms.
I asked Luke to take my 30 week belly shot. Thanks, honey, for telling me I had a big FAT spot on my chest. Awesome.

Moving Day:
Wait, you are moving this bed? This bed right here?You're kidding, right?
I kinda like the new place!

She is sleeping good in her new bed. She still gets up and bangs on the door right when we lay her down, but it is usually only for 1-3 minutes and then she lays down and sleeps. I was so worried about this!
Anyone notice anything new in our den? After 2+ years with no tv service, that's more than half of our marriage, we got a new tv set and directv. I still forget we have it, and when I do turn it on, Luke makes fun of me because I watch trash. I really dont think Say Yes to the Dress and Animal Hoarders is trash, but whatev. We are finally joining the 20th century. And I can see when a tornado is headed our way.

She loves that phone!
Little Mama

After church one Sunday
Oo I love her!

And she loves her KK!

Luke started back to school, and you can tell a certain someone is none too thrilled.

Ok, that is all for now. Check in later for a post about a fabulous baby shower, cloth diapers, Preston's nursery, and My New Niece!

"A girl is innocence playing in mud,

Beauty standing on its head,

And motherhood dragging a doll by the foot."

~Alan Beck