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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Going to the Chapel

I know, two posts in one week! I just hadn't really touched on Megan and Brett's wedding stuff...and it is so much fun! They had an engagement party in June that was New Orleans themed (where they got engaged). her friends really outdid themselves with the absolutely delicious food, the fun music, and the really cute decor.

The wedding is in November, and they are using a deep purple with touches of gold. Her dress is Uh-May-Zing and I cannot wait to see it on her on the Big Day! This is what our dresses look like:

Aren't they gorgeous? She is such a laid back bride, and all the planning has been so much fun. Everything has been picked out, and deposits have been paid, and now the showers are about to start!

I used to think a wedding was a simple affair. A boy and girl meet, they fall in love, he buys a ring, she buys a dress, they say "I do." I was wrong. That's getting married. A wedding is an entirely different proposition.
Father of the Bride

Friday, August 6, 2010

Lazy Days of Summer?

I wish! It seems like we had a lazy May/June, and July just flew by! We have been busy, busy, and hot hot! These days of 110+ degree weather need to move on by...and quickly! Whew! The pool isnt even refreshing.
July started with Luke's favorite holiday, the 4th. He says it is the only "true" holiday because you just get to relax in the running from here to worrying about presents...nothing but the water and family! I almost agree with him, and then I remember how much I love Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Luke is passing out his famous 4th appetizer
Adelyn on the diving board, and Babe as lifeguard. She jumps in when she thinks someone is in distress.
Kath googling a homemade ice cream recipe...Jeff ingnoring her...and Luke looking "amused"...or is that annoyed?
Kate being bossy.

We went to visit my friend, Aundrea, and her new baby Ethan! Rylie and Kate had a big time together, and Kate had to try out the baby swing. Uh-oh...looks like we might not be ready to give up all our toys yet! Rylie and Kate were so funny playing dress up and hide and go seek.

Kate also LOVES Babe's kennel. Complelely disgusting, I know. We got a  new TV, and the first night we couldnt find the clicker anywhere. Yep, I found it in here! And yes, you heard right, we got a NEW TV. The first time we have had tv service in over two years. I am still not used to it and forget to turn it on. Not my sweet hubby. He is in heaven!
Big girl using a spoon! And no, she isnt proud of herself at all!
We went to the Sunset on the Square one night in Collierville to eat dinner. Yes, I love fair food, and where else can you find it before Fair Season? Mmm...I could use a pronto pup about now!
She insisted on wearing her sparkly shoes...but I admit, they do match her tinkerbell shirt. So cute! That shopping cart you can see in the background becomes a Bandit chaser whenever she gets behind it. Our aggressive little Jack Russell mutt has really become tolerant of anything she wants to do.
We have had family in town several weekends including Grammy and PopPop. They came with us to Sunset on the Square again. It was hot, but we had yummy BLTs, pasta salad, and ice cream. We also figured out Kate's Jam; Mustang Sally. She danced and danced and was a sweaty mess when it was over.

Very serious about making chocolate muffins.
We went to Tupelo to visit some of the Tally side of the family. Katie and I are due just a few days apart. Cant wait for sweet Audrie Louise to be here!
Don't grow up, Baby Girl! I love this age!
Outside of church with Daddy
Sipping on juice (no gin)
Oh yea, and I am pregnant. Everything has been good. He better come out with a head full of hair with all of this heartburn! I had NONE with Kate, and it is no fun. Sleep is getting less and less...and I am so tired. But overall, I am healthy, he is healthy, I am measuring on time, and feeling great. Did I mention it is HOT?
Loving the laundry. Look at her smile in the reflection. Little Jeff! (My dad has been caught on more than one occasion "watching" the washing machine.)
We have also discovered jello, and we love it!
Dont mind the fuzzy lens. It fogs up when I go from the AC to the sauna. She loves the hose and watering my flowers, but not so much the kiddie pool or getting sprayed while playing in the hose.
In other family news, Megan and Brett bought a house! It is absolutely adorable and so "them." It is not far from our house (and that is relative considering we live 20 minutes from the closest Walmart), and we have to pass a Pancho's on the way there! This is Brett getting their grille.
Megan had a surprise bday party her him the night after they moved. Luke was on the lookout.
And Brett was so surprised!
Smiling at Bretty.
But dont worry, it wasnt all play and no work.
Little Miss can reach the countertops and she loves bread. Sneaky sneaky, sir.

Loving on her Dawg.

Dirty girl.

Daddy went on a guy's fishing trip and took his favorite hat (My body is an's wanted all over town.) and Kate missed him so much!

We have learned how to turn the tears on and off.
And here is me at 28 weeks! I cant believe I am now 30 weeks. It is so scary to think that Preston will be here in 10 weeks at the most! We (and by we, I mean Luke), has finished painting his room, and we are going to move Kate's furniture in there this weekend. I have been putting it off because
1. it makes me cry to put her in a Big Girl Room, and
 2. she is very hard to lay down to sleep, and I am worried that a new bed is going to really kink up my sleeping life.

Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.-- Russel Baker