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Wednesday, November 19, 2014


We were still living at my parents the first part of June. During June, we
thought our big sister was the funnest person ever,
had fun at a Redbirds game (and just being with Daddy!),

matched for church,

went to visit our cousin, Audrie, in her new home,

had fun at the Splash Park,

had a dance recital,

showed Papa Q our new yard,

made my dad homemade vanilla for Father's Day (he is a slight vanilla snob :),

attended a couples shower,

imitated TJs faces,

got excited about our new fence,

enjoyed My Big Backyard,

swam lots,

mowed a little,

enjoyed the zoo,

especially the baby giraffe that still had her umbilical cord,

loved getting to hang out with Daddy Doc at Taco Thursday,

learned some bird watching from PawPaw,

taught Jake a few lessons,

spied on my two blonde headed angels,

enjoyed a museum with Meme and Jake,

watched two different sets of baby birds hatch,

snuck onto an inflatable slide at a car dealership after hours,

and lived in chaos for 6 weeks. I am so thankful for my parents letting us crash with them, and I am so thankful my mom didnt come upstairs that whole time. I think I have blocked out this from my memory because it makes me anxious looking back on it. 

moved into our new home,

received flowers from Grammy,

made sure Bandit didnt get left behind,

enjoyed the splash park,

attended an event Luke helped organize with the mayor, nbd,

hung out with cousins,

enjoyed Strawberry Cupcakes,

unpacked boxes,

made sure no one was too small to help move,

snuggled this bundle of love,

loved having bike paths in our new neighborhood,

and settled into our new routine living in town.