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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween is coming...

Halloween is coming,
Halloween is coming,
We'll say BOO!!!

I know that everyone is so thankful for this cool weather we have been having! We have been enjoying dressing up for Halloween, carving our pumpkin, and being outside! We went to my cousin, Jennifer's, annual Halloween party last Saturday night. Luke was The Beast, and I was Lumiere. Yes, the candle. We were definitely the hit of the party. At least Luke was on the karaoke machine.Toasted Pumpkin Seeds! Yummy!!

On Sunday night, he got his artistry skills out for our Jack-o-lantern.My dad has always done very intricate pumpkin designs and Luke has followed very closely in his footsteps. This year we have a haunted house with a full moon. Aren't you

I hope everyone has a Happy All Hallow's Eve tomorrow night! I have to work, so I am going to be a flowerbed.Here I am! You can't really see my necklace and earrings, but they fit into the theme as well. Don't mind my tired face!

Bandit enjoying the Fall Weather!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Start spreading the news..

We are leaving December 7 for NYC!!!
Luke called me early last week during the day, which I knew meant something was up. I have started working nights, and so he knows not to wake the bear during the day. He said, "I just accidently bought us plane tickets for our anniversary!!" He had been playing around on, and bid on airline tickets. They accepted his bid, and now we are going to New York for the weekend!!
We went there 4 years ago about this same time of year. We had only been dating a few months at the time, and we had an absolute blast!! I am looking forward to eating alot, ice skating, and getting some Christmas shopping done!
Yea for Wonderful Husbands!!

New addition to our family!

Luke parted with his PS22 (via Ebay), and put his birthday money together and bought a PS3. No, I dont enjoy playing it, nor can I even steer a car. But, he loves it and it gives him something to do while I am working tonight! Adam & Lindsey stopped by last Saturday (and I am so glad they did!), and Adam played it the whole time. They think the graphics are amazing, and when I told Luke I couldnt tell a difference from the PS2, he truly got his feelings hurt!
I dont think he'll ever grow up...and I love that about him!! (well, maybe not when I want attention and he's playing football, but he's eben very good about not picking up the controller until I am out of sight!)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The War

I know everyone has different opinions of the war, if the soldiers should be there at all, if they should come home, if they should stay. Whatever our beliefs, they are there and need our support. This video was made by a 15 year old girl and is very moving. Grab some tissues!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Update on Ms. June

I want to thank everyone so very much for keeping Ms June and her family in your prayers. We went to visit yesterday, and she has been moved from ICU to a regular room. They did surgery on two of the aneurysms, and they found two more! The doctor was not concerned about the other two, and said they would discuss how to treat those when she was feeling better. She looked awesome and I was so glad to see her talking and laughing!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Needing Some Prayers

I need everyone to pray for one of my mom's best friends, June Trusty. (Her daughter, April, is one of my best friends.) She went to the hospital tonight with a headache, and they have diagnosed as a brain aneurysm. Pray that the doctors and nurses taking care of her are knowledgeable, that her surgery goes well tomorrow, and that her family is at peace. Another one of my mom's best friends (Patti Pruitt) died on a week ago Thursday from the same thing. Please keep my mom in your prayers too.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

State football, Luke's birthday, and other fall fun!

We have been so blessed to be back in Memphis and able to attend all the State home games. Luke loves to go to watch the game, and I love to go to see my friends!! This weekend, Blake will be coming from Knoxville to see his team lose (hopefully!). Cant wait to entertain him in the Golden Triangle Metropolis. My darling husband had a birthday last week. (Before you judge me and think I am a bad wife for not posting a sweet note on his birthday, he doesnt read the blog and would never know the difference!) I woke him up with Sister Schubert (who is a KD) pigs in a blanket in bed! We went to Lee Khan's for lunch (where we had a City Pass BYGOF coupon), and then to Harvey's for dinner with his dad. Before he left for work, I gave him new Dwight Schrute pens to use while he was at work, and then I gave him a WOK for his big present! I know that is kind of a random gift, but he has been asking for one since we received our pots and pans last fall. It matches the rest of our Calphalon, and he grinned from ear to ear! He makes the best chicken fried rice, so now he will feel like a real chef with his new gear! We enjoyed Homecoming Saturday from the upper deck, and then stopped by our friend's, Joe and Tracy, Tailgating Shower! We left and headed to Tupelo to spend the night with Luke's mom, Katie, and Michael. We had a wonderful weekend being able to see all of his family!


Some of my readers have commented that they did not know there were famous rodeo clowns. My family went to the rodeo a few weekends ago, and we got to see our neighbor. Everyone should be jealous that we know such a celebrity!! The bottom pic is of Luke and two of his best friends. We met up with them after the rodeo at Fox and the Hound!

My Parent's Anniversary

My parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on September 24! My dad really outdid himself and surprised my mom with a trip to Disney World, AND an updated version of her ring!! He took the diamond that he gave her when they got engaged (and she was a mere babe at 19,) the diamond my grandfather gave my grandmother on their 15th wedding anniversary, and then he added another diamond to even it out. The result is MAGNIFICENT!!!

What do you think??

I think it is a little ridiculous,myself, but my Mom definitely deserves it. They are such wonderful parents to four wonderful :) kids, and they have truly demonstrated for us and everyone else how to love all the time. Yall know how much I love them, and I could go on forever, but I want to get on to the Surprise Trip!!

My dad and I showed up at my mom's school on Friday and waited in the principal's office. The principal stopped my mom and her class and told my mom they needed her in the office, and that she would take her class back to the room. My mom came into the office and started crying when she saw my dad because she thought something was wrong. We took her outside, and my Dad said a lot of muchy-gushy stuff while I lingered in the background. Nana showed up, and we threw my parents into the car and started driving. While they sipped on champagne, I drove them to the airport. We dropped them off with my mom still not knowing where they were going. My parents had always said they would go to France by their 5th, then 10th, then 25th anniversary, and have never made it there. So, my thoughtful Dad made reservations at Epcot at the French restaurant for Saturday night. They enjoyed three days in Orlando without kids, and I think they wish they had gone without us before now :)

Isnt my dad the greatest?

(Blogger is acting up, so I'll add more pics later!)