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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

State football, Luke's birthday, and other fall fun!

We have been so blessed to be back in Memphis and able to attend all the State home games. Luke loves to go to watch the game, and I love to go to see my friends!! This weekend, Blake will be coming from Knoxville to see his team lose (hopefully!). Cant wait to entertain him in the Golden Triangle Metropolis. My darling husband had a birthday last week. (Before you judge me and think I am a bad wife for not posting a sweet note on his birthday, he doesnt read the blog and would never know the difference!) I woke him up with Sister Schubert (who is a KD) pigs in a blanket in bed! We went to Lee Khan's for lunch (where we had a City Pass BYGOF coupon), and then to Harvey's for dinner with his dad. Before he left for work, I gave him new Dwight Schrute pens to use while he was at work, and then I gave him a WOK for his big present! I know that is kind of a random gift, but he has been asking for one since we received our pots and pans last fall. It matches the rest of our Calphalon, and he grinned from ear to ear! He makes the best chicken fried rice, so now he will feel like a real chef with his new gear! We enjoyed Homecoming Saturday from the upper deck, and then stopped by our friend's, Joe and Tracy, Tailgating Shower! We left and headed to Tupelo to spend the night with Luke's mom, Katie, and Michael. We had a wonderful weekend being able to see all of his family!

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