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Friday, January 28, 2011

BB is 23!!

Baby (Brat) Blake is 23,
Oh my goodness, how can this be?
From the annoying little twerp you were,
To a grown up man whom I adore.

When you were small, your sisters did pick,
On you until you got sick.
Here are some stories, there are just a few,
Starting when your cowboy boot went flying over the pew.

Blake came quickly after two girls,
And he was the baby until Jake shook up his world.
If you didn't know he existed, you wouldn't be alone.
He looks like Megan, her taller boy clone.

I was the one watching you in the tub when you fell,
And Mom came running, it wasn't swell.
Your tooth was brown for only a short time,
And now I envy your smile with no hint of slime.

Remember the Christmas morning when you received a bike,
You cried and cried because of the height.
"You gotta be at least 13 to ride this thing," is what you said,
So Megan tried to climb on the ride instead.
Turns out, you were right, at least about this.
Her feet on the floor, they did miss!

I can think of several instances in the van,
One involving your head and the door, the other the window and hand!
Or another time you got thrown from the door,
And when I got punched down in the floor.

You love to dance, especially with,
Other boys' girls, good thing you are lithe.
Now that I think of it, this happens quite a bit,
Hope Jeff or Jeff doesn't show up to visit.

I also love the videos of cheer and dance,
And off to the side, a little boy did prance.
You knew every move Megan or I made.
Playing Rock Band, for you I'd trade!

I am glad your love of Star Wars did fade,
and was replaced by a dog named Babe.
She seems to be the only one to not disappear,
Rusty, Molly, and the Beagle mutt, oh dear!

You think you are smarter than me, but this is not fact.
Your ACT may be higher, but you do lack,
Some common sense, you sometimes slip.
Leaving your wallet while you take a dip?

Your height is tall, this is true,
But you haven't always had the "build" that you do.
We loved you anyway, fat rolls and all,
Now the tables have turned, the chips did fall.

We love the same foods, El Po or Mr. Ps,
And you know how to get me annoyed with your immigration pleas.
I don't mind loaning you money to let you eat well on Spring Break,
Or calling to get you a cabin on the lake.

You're old enough now to order your own pizza pie,
And to Mom you don't have to lie,
About the time you got hit in the truck...
Was it another car, or mailbox luck?

As a camp counselor, you had some fun,
But also made a difference out in the sun.
Who knew you had patience? and a kind heart?
I figured you could just teach them to f*rt.

We still aren't allowed to those words that make Mom sad,
Sometimes you would slip in b*tt hole when you were really mad.
Be careful, little brother, when you holler out, Yo!
Please make sure the taxi door isn't slow!
Uncle Bubba is the best, this isn't lame,
Kate loves you so much, she says your name!
Everytime we pass the fridge to look,
She points you out, like in the book!

I know I wasn't always the nicest I could have been,
I was hard on you; your 2nd Mother Hen.
I am glad I can count you as one of my best,
And all these memories I can poke in jest.

Now that I have a son sent from above,
I will let Preston "do what he loves."
For all those times, nice things I didn't do,
God played a trick, he looks just like you!

Mom always says, "Isn't he cute?"
You do no wrong in her view.
I hope that I feel the same way about my own,
Haha, sucker, remember that loan?

You know no girl will ever measure up,
Especially when they stop the toilets up!
Stay away from the Phi Mus, you might have a better chance,
At getting someone who can keep up with the dance.

Ok, I did like this one :)

Your writing's amazing, sometimes sad, sometimes true,
I hope this lousy poem with stories a few,
Shows just how much I Love You!

On the lookout when Luke proposed

Right after we got engaged

Making bad jokes

Friday, January 21, 2011

Christmas Morning

The very last Christmas post! Then, I can move on to more current events! Anyway, here is the loot Santa left for us! Santa leaves three gifts + stocking stuff. We just have so much and get so much that this is definitely enough!
Preston's handmade stocking! The felt takes way less time then the cross stiched 10 months less :)
Kate's stocking! I got it in November 2009 thinking it would be done for Christmas 09...only a year late!

Santa and the reindeer's treats

Kate so excited about her 4 wheeler
Preston and his gifts
Loving her stocking candy...I think she ate about 5 chocolate Santas this day...she stole everyone's at my parents house from their stockings!
The greatest gifts of all!
One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas day.  Don't clean it up too quickly.  ~Andy Rooney

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

8 Christmases and some partays!

For the Cutest Boy's Christmas gift this year, I did The 12 Days of Christmas. He had a happy of some sort in his stocking every day for the 12 days leading up to Christmas. It was a fun way to drag out the gifts a little bit, and I had to be creative too! Here are the kiddos and me shopping for him. 
Shopping at Bass Pro and visiting santa
Our Little Man turned two months old! He was such a trooper with his shots. Poor Baby got furious, and then was ok!
He was 12 lbs 10 oz and 24 inches long! Sweet boy likes to eat!

As you can tell from this picture, he is constantly moving. He was like this in the womb, and hasn't stopped since he has been born. He has already rolled over several times, and shakes his cradle, all. night. long.
Sr=torytime on the Square with Reed
Kates Christmas program at MDO

bossing jake around!

 Small group party! These are all Kaths sweaters!! haha!
Christmas #1 Papa Q and NinaBelle

Christmas Party at the Rollers...Kate LOVED Santa!
Church with Macy
And the Silver Caboose afterwards
My YoungLife girls came back from college. They are SENIORS! I cant believe it. So good to catch up with everyone at our home!
Christmas # 2-The Cases and Huntons

Christmas # 3 Daddy Doc and Granny Ts
Christmas # 4 Tremont
Christmas # 5 was in Tupelo with the Tallys and I didnt get any pics :(
Christmas # 6 Nana and Neds

Christmas # 7 Boussons

My annual Peppermint Red Velvet Cake

Christmas # 8 My parents

We end Christmas day with a movie and Chiniese food...this was Kates 1st movie!! She loved Tangled...said, WOW!! over and over!
That makes me tired remembering all of that. I really do love Christmas, it just gets exhausting...especially with babies! We have tried to cut out any excess so that we can enjoy the events we do attend, but the minimum is still seems like alot. Luke claims this is why his favorite holiday is the 4th of July...all you have to do is lay in the pool! haha!

The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree:  the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.  ~Burton Hillis