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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A month of celebrations

how am i always out of time? I finally got caught up on getting my pictures from the camera to shutterfly, so now I can do shutterfly to the blog. I also realized I never showed off my cute boy cooking a yummy Mardi Gras feast. Since that kicked off Easter season, I guess that is a good place to start.
The girls getting ready for a yummy supper
I love that a messy kitchen=good food and fun friends

there's the baby!

We continued Kate's birthday celebration the rest of the week:
she found this hat on her own. have no idea where it came from!

Look what I caught her doing!

Some of our friends got some baby chickies!!

This is Hamanda, my namesake.

Curious as a cat.
Jake got some new badges in Boy Scouts.

Of course we went to support my 1st born.

Hanging out at home:
Who says men can't multitask?


Always right with brother.

They just make my heart expand everyday.

For Kate's actually birthday, we headed to the zoo. It is one of our favorite places to be, and it is becoming more and more fun to watch her (and Pres), interact with the animals.
Daddy got us Muddy's!
All the animals were out for Kate's bday

She loves her some belly buttons!
Ah, that smile!
My parents came over for dinner!
Storytime is Kate's favorite part of the day.
Sherry and Hayden brought cupcakes!
This girl knows what to do with clothes!
I was so proud of my photog skillz
Kate, the Bandit tamer

This next set of pictures just bring me so much joy. We were just playing after church one Sunday, and I think her face is just angelic. I am so glad I could freeze it, because I dont ever want to forget how they looked this day.

Bubbaboy turned 5 months old on the 12 of March. He is sitting up alone, eating two meals a day, nursing every 3-4 hours during the day and usually about that at night (sometimes a little more often). He loves to smile, loves his sissy, and loves his Mama!

My mom celebrated a birthday at the end of March. Megan hosted a lovely dinner for the fam.
I love Kate looking at her Uncle Jake!
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It has been so wonderful to watch my grandparents love on my babies.
Self timer. Jake was ready!
Take Two. Christmas card 2011 perhaps? (notice Luke makes sure to get a middle seat after the Christmas card from 2009!)
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