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Thursday, December 26, 2013


We wanted to point out some of our gifts this year that are BRAND NEW to our Gifts of Purpose Catalog...
PADPT1Provide Post-Adoption Resources
Raising children from hard places isn't easy. Because Lifesong believes in supporting adoptive families in all stages, post-adoption training scholarships are available to equip adoptive & foster parents with the tools to help heal hurting children. $200 | $450

MENTORFund a Foster Care Mentorship Training
Many children & vulnerable adults affected by the foster care system want to know that they matter. The Forgotten Initiative Mentoring provides the opportunity for the Body of Christ to show children that they are loved & valued. $500

vohSponsor a Family at Village of Hope-Guatemala
Children were made to be in families. By providing Guatemalan house parents, vulnerable children can feel belonging & that there is someone investing in their life & future. Our children are provided food, home & a mother and father figure to pray with them, help them with their homework & mentor them as they grow. $42 | $500

ZAMEDU1Give Opportunity to Zambia's High School Students
Known as one of the best in the city, the Lifesong Zambia School strives for academic achievement. With the recently built high school, our students now have the unique opportunity to join the 5% of kids in their country that receive a high school education, giving them hope of a future free from the cycle of poverty. $48 | $782

GOP 300,000 matching gift-01Join Lifesong for Orphans in giving a Gift of Purpose. Until December 31st, a generous donor will MATCH each donation with a gift to Lifesong, up to $300,000. $75,857 remaining to reach the goal! Give a Gift. Bring Joy & Purpose to a Child in Need.
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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Rest of October

We spent a lot of time at the football field watching Jake do his thang!
40 weeks pregnant!

We had our parents and siblings over for Preston's birthday on his actual birthday! We thought we would have a baby by then, but we didnt so Preston didnt have to share the spotlight with anyone!

Blake came all the way from Indy!!

I absolutely love these pictures of him and his cupcakes!!

We also made cupcakes to take to his class. I love the way he does "3" with his fingers!

Here are a few more from the third week of October!

And then we had Halloween! 

On Sam's one week birthday, I ventured out to Scare on the Square with three kids in tow. Kate had heard some friends talk about it at school and really wanted to go. Everyone was dressed, smiling (by the time we got there), and happy, so I would say our first outing alone was a success! As we were pulling away, I asked Kate if she had fun. She replied, "I mean, not really." Preston could sense the steam coming from my ears and quickly made up for it..."we got to trick or treat, and play games, and get candy. I had so much fun, Mama!" I almost lost it on Kate after all the effort it took to get her there!

The sweetest pumpkin!!

And here are some of my sweet boy!

This was Jake's last game. I am sick I didnt get a picture of Sam there!

When did he grow up?!

The kids and I carved our pumpkin! I have an after pic on my phone, but there were 5 little owls on it.

More of sweet Sam

We had the trunk or treat at our church on the 30th. The kids had a wonderful time running around with all of their little buddies!

I was the crazy "bat" lady (like the crazy cat lady). I had bats pinned on my shirt and in my hair.

Our amazingly talented friend made Gotham City for us to pose in front of ;)

Robin and Batman

Then we went trick or treating at PawPaw and KKs!

I helped out with the Pumpkin Patch at the kids school on Halloween. Kate's favorite thing was the squishy cauldron with eyeballs!

Preston loved the leaf pile!

The weather subsided, and we were able to trick or treat at a few houses in our neighborhood too!