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Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Iraq

I am sure that many of you have seen this, but I wanted to share... I should've been in pageants.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Fall Fun

Nothing gets me in the mood for the fall like THE FAIR!!! And even better this year, Memphis is having not one, but TWO, fairs. The family piled up and headed to the Delta Fair a few weeks ago. We enjoyed the rides, the food, and a John Angotti concert (if you've never heard him, he is Amazing!!). I also saw the woman with no head. Cost me $2. It was ridiculous. I had to see it for myself, though, because of my heritage. That's right, I gave Carny folk in my bloodlines. My great-great grandmother was nicknamed "Tiny." And not because she was the world's smallest woman. More like the opposite! And her husband (my great-great grandfather) and her son (great-great-uncle) rode the motorcycle's in the ball. So if I have any "quirkiness" about me, blame it on the carnies in my bloodline.

Another reason why I like the fall is FOOTBALL SEASON! Now, as a Mississippi State fan, this has been an oxymoron the last few years. And as a True Fan, I attended the LSU game (miserable), and planned a party for Tulane hoping to bring up the spirits of all State alum in Memphis! I was very excited and pulled out all my MSU serving pieces, sent out an e=--vite, and waited for the replies. On Tuesday (before the game on Saturday), Luke sweetly informs me that we do not get the station that the game will be televised on. WHAT?! But I've planned a party, and have out my hand-painted MSU pitcher!!! I even have Bulldog napkins!! Needless to say, I had to pack up my napkins and cowbell and head to Buffalo Wild Wings where we all enjoyed a


We were able to reschedule our house party for this Saturday! The Ramsey's, Zach, Shatephen, came over to watch us BEAT AUBURN!! That's right...the tigers...or war-eagles, were BULLDOG BAIT!!! After that victory, the Grabowski's came over with Bear, and we watched the Alabama-Arkansas game. Bandit and Bear had fun playing together, and we enjoyed everyone's company!

Another Fall update, Jake turned 10 on September 10!! I cannot believe he is so Old!! We attended his bday party at Putt Putt where we got to play Laser Tag. He had a joint bday party with another friend, and they were divided into two teams of five. At the last minute, Meg, Luke and I joined in. Luke and I were on Jake's team, and we won all 4 games! Megan was on the losing team, but she was a good sport about the whole thing. We came out of the arena, and we disgusting considering we had to go to small group after that! Yuck!

Anyway...our Fall has really gotten off to a fun start! The weather has been fabulous, and I cant wait to go to Starkville this weekend for another W!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Interview with ME!!

Me, being interviewed by Trace...
  1. If you had one wish, what would you wish for? Forget world peace, be selfish and wish for something personal. This is really selfish, but I think that I would wish that I always liked my body even though I ate whatever I want. I usually don't deprive myself of anything, but I think about everything that goes in. I think that is a huge difference in males and females, because I don't know any girl that can truly eat anything without thinking of its caloric intake, while guys can feast all day and never think twice.
  1. What is your favorite game (board or other). My favorite board game is The Game of Life; has been since 6th grade!
  2. What is your all time favorite thing to cook? And what is the recipe? :) Probably banana pudding....It is always a hit, and reminds me of summer!!! Family secret, sorry! Haha j/k....I have to call Nannie every single time I make it....but I know it is Sweetened condensed milk, cool whip, vanilla Instant pudding, vanilla extract layered in between bananas and 'nilla wafers.
  3. If you could listen to only one type of music for the rest of your life, what genre would you choose? Country, hands down! There are so many songs that have positive memories attached, I would definitely have to go with that!
  4. If you were in the witness protection program and had to leave the state of Mississippi and Tennessee, what city and state would you choose to live in and why? Colorado. I could hide in the mountains, ski, enjoy the scenery, and I know for sure Luke would come with me!!
If you would like to be interviewed, leave a comment and I will email you questions! ---------------- Now playing: Norah Jones - Rosie's Lullaby via FoxyTunes

Great Minds think Alike!!

Please go to Heather's blog immediately and read her ten reasons...I just did and realized how much we have in common!! Must have been living together for so long...she is so lucky!

Ten things...

I have been tagged by Trace to tell yall ten of my favorite things. Here goes: 1. My family. My husband is my best friend, and he lets me complain when I need to, and makes me laugh when I need that too. My parents are the greatest example of love that lasts; my siblings make me laugh until I cry and are three of my best friends. My grandparents are all crazy and make for some interesting holidays...and my aunts, uncles, and cousins are who I like to hang out with. It is such a blessing to be so close to so much of my family. Luke thinks we are all crazy, but he is starting to "get it", and why I like them all so much!! 2. Fall. I love the fall and the spring, but fall is definitely my favorites season. Last night at Supper Club, I ordered Orange Spice Tea because it tastes like autumn to me. I bought a Pumpkin Spice candle this week, and have slowly started pulling out my long-sleeved shirts. I love football games, the crisp, fresh air that follows the humid air of summer, and opening up our windows. 3. The beach. I love being on the beach in the middle of the summer when it is so hot you have to stay in the ocean all day (because I dont like to sweat, you see.) 4. Ice cream. My favorite is mint chocolate chip, but I dont limit myself on trying any and all flavors. My grandmother, my dad, and I all try to eat at least one bowl a day. I need the Calcium is my excuse. 5. My dog. If you have read any of my posts, you know how much I adore Bandit. Enough said. 6. Making things with my hands. I have recently expanded my knitting world into blankets and hats, and there is something about the finished product that is extremely satisfying. Same way with cooking and growing flowers. I think in our world where everything is premade, it is nice to be able to say, I made that! 7. My job. I have the most wonderful job as a postpartum/nursery nurse. I get to help new parents adjust to their new roles, and hold new babies all day long. What a blessing! 8. Mississippi State. College was so much fun, and such a wonderful period of growth. I miss my friends daily, but also Starkville. I think living on campus all four years really gave me a sense of home when I am able to go back and visit. 9. Friends. There is just something about talking to an old friend that makes everything in life ok. 10. Being outside. I love to cut the grass, plant flowers, ride horses, read, and just sit outside. It relaxes me more than anything I can do inside. And now it's my turn to tag: Tricia, Laurette, Jessica, Jordan, and Audra

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Katiebug's Birthday!

Luke's little sister, Katie, turned 23 on August 24! We left for Tupelo after I got off work on Friday night and had a wonderful Birthday weekend with her and Ms. Amy. I made "Katiebugs" in honor of the event, and Luke and I got a ladybug pinata and red and black balloons. We had Katie's favorite meal, and enjoyed being able to hang out with her and Michael. We also got to talk about the upcoming wedding (they changed the date to January 12!) Katie is such a wonderful sister-in-law, and from the stories I have heard, put up with a lot from Luke as a child. She is so level-headed and calm, and I enjoy being around her so much! I really lucked out when I got married to Luke, because she is a doll!


Megan-Bob-Parsley's Birthday!!

My favorite little sister turned 22 on August 19! I know I am a little (ok, a lot) late, but I still wanted to tell her how much I love her!!
Reasons why I love Megan Annette Bousson:
1. She is the most hysterical person I have ever met...she will make you pee your pants,
2. She is beautiful. And she was the cutest (ok, 2nd cutest) little girl ever. She used to set up our family video camera and tape herself singing, dancing, and just talking. So funny!
3. She tells it like it is. Most people cant get away with half the stuff she says.
4. She has style. From music to clothes, to her "scent-of-the-month", she always knows whats in and whats out...and is always quick to point out what's out that I have on (refer to #3).
5. She has a tattoo...I have always wanted one and have never had the guts to actually go through with it, which she quickly pointed out the night she got it and I was fuming.
6. She's my little sister, my best friend, my closest confidante, and my hero.

I love you Meggie!

Joey & Cassie's Wedding Festivities

My cousin, Joey, and his lovely fiance (now wife) Cassie got married August 18! I know I am a little late, but I wanted to post pics from the Bridesmaid's Luncheon, Bachelorette Party, Rehearsal Dinner, and Wedding! We had so much fun at all the parties, and are so excited Cassie is now a Bousson!!

The Bridesmaid Luncheon was at this fabulous tearoom in Arlington, TN about 20 minutes from Collierville. This lady runs the tearoom from her home, and it is decorated perfectly. She has a ton of antiques, and it is exactly what I would like my house to look like one day!That night, we met up at Erin (a BM) apt downtown. The theme was "Golfers" , like on The Wedding Date. There was a big group of us, all in argyle socks!! I love a good theme party, so you know we got all into it. We ate dinner at the Majestic Theatre on Main St, and then hit Beale. We all had a really good time, and Meg and I even stayed on the bull for 8 seconds!!

I was lucky enough to be recruited to hold babies during the rehearsal (such a treat!), and then the rehearsal dinner was at Elfo's. Elfo's is this deliciously fabulous restaurant, and it is in a building, but the shops all open to a walkway on the inside and it looks like a French village (I guess, I never have been to a French village...haha). It is just a really neat set-up, and I had one of the best steaks I have had in a while! YUM YUM!! After the dinner, one of our cousins, Adam, (well, he is really Joey's-my cousin-cousin on the other side of the family, but we claim them anyway), is the manager at Seize the Clay. He opened it up for us, and we painted pottery and ate some more until about 1:30....I love hanging out with all of my family because we always have so much fun together!!The wedding was at Immaculate Conception Cathedral. When I say it takes your breath away, I mean it. It could be in a movie it is so pretty! And of course, Cassie looked gorgeous! We had a little flash flood issue, but it just cooled everything off. The reception was at the Zoo, and we all had a wonderful time! Cassie, everything was perfect!!