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Monday, September 17, 2007

Fall Fun

Nothing gets me in the mood for the fall like THE FAIR!!! And even better this year, Memphis is having not one, but TWO, fairs. The family piled up and headed to the Delta Fair a few weeks ago. We enjoyed the rides, the food, and a John Angotti concert (if you've never heard him, he is Amazing!!). I also saw the woman with no head. Cost me $2. It was ridiculous. I had to see it for myself, though, because of my heritage. That's right, I gave Carny folk in my bloodlines. My great-great grandmother was nicknamed "Tiny." And not because she was the world's smallest woman. More like the opposite! And her husband (my great-great grandfather) and her son (great-great-uncle) rode the motorcycle's in the ball. So if I have any "quirkiness" about me, blame it on the carnies in my bloodline.

Another reason why I like the fall is FOOTBALL SEASON! Now, as a Mississippi State fan, this has been an oxymoron the last few years. And as a True Fan, I attended the LSU game (miserable), and planned a party for Tulane hoping to bring up the spirits of all State alum in Memphis! I was very excited and pulled out all my MSU serving pieces, sent out an e=--vite, and waited for the replies. On Tuesday (before the game on Saturday), Luke sweetly informs me that we do not get the station that the game will be televised on. WHAT?! But I've planned a party, and have out my hand-painted MSU pitcher!!! I even have Bulldog napkins!! Needless to say, I had to pack up my napkins and cowbell and head to Buffalo Wild Wings where we all enjoyed a


We were able to reschedule our house party for this Saturday! The Ramsey's, Zach, Shatephen, came over to watch us BEAT AUBURN!! That's right...the tigers...or war-eagles, were BULLDOG BAIT!!! After that victory, the Grabowski's came over with Bear, and we watched the Alabama-Arkansas game. Bandit and Bear had fun playing together, and we enjoyed everyone's company!

Another Fall update, Jake turned 10 on September 10!! I cannot believe he is so Old!! We attended his bday party at Putt Putt where we got to play Laser Tag. He had a joint bday party with another friend, and they were divided into two teams of five. At the last minute, Meg, Luke and I joined in. Luke and I were on Jake's team, and we won all 4 games! Megan was on the losing team, but she was a good sport about the whole thing. We came out of the arena, and we disgusting considering we had to go to small group after that! Yuck!

Anyway...our Fall has really gotten off to a fun start! The weather has been fabulous, and I cant wait to go to Starkville this weekend for another W!


Trey and Heather said...

i am so J of the pic with you, jo, katherine, and amanda. I want friends to live in hattiesburg. Interested? let me know. We have a 3-bedroom house...we can put and luke (and bandit) up until you find a place of your own.

i can't wait to see you friday.

JordanandSaundersRamsey said...

What a fun life!!!! I love the picture of the boys standing up! That was hilarious! FUN TIMES!!!

The Texas VicHorns said...

hey amanda,

haven't seen you guys since before your wedding, but it's good to see through your blog that you guys are doing great.

you are lucky to have friends that live nearby!!! i miss my girl friends but married life is good.

oh yeah, YAY BULLDOGS!

Katie Walden said...

Haha! I loved the website about Crayola and I couldn't believe that they had assigned traits to colors. Who does that? And thanks for interviewing me. I found the question s just as I was searching for something to do at work. Good timing Boo. Good timing.

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