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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Katiebug's Birthday!

Luke's little sister, Katie, turned 23 on August 24! We left for Tupelo after I got off work on Friday night and had a wonderful Birthday weekend with her and Ms. Amy. I made "Katiebugs" in honor of the event, and Luke and I got a ladybug pinata and red and black balloons. We had Katie's favorite meal, and enjoyed being able to hang out with her and Michael. We also got to talk about the upcoming wedding (they changed the date to January 12!) Katie is such a wonderful sister-in-law, and from the stories I have heard, put up with a lot from Luke as a child. She is so level-headed and calm, and I enjoy being around her so much! I really lucked out when I got married to Luke, because she is a doll!


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