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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy Holidays...OoOooo!

I know I have been completely MIA, but for good reason. And no, I am not going to blame the babies on my lack of posting! I have not had a computer to update on. Luke takes his laptop to school, and by the time he gets home and I have access to it, it is dinner, bathtime, and bedtime for babies, and then I hate to spend my precious minutes with him on the computer. But I now have NO excuse because he bought me a fancy shmancy desktop that I am loving so far!
Anyway, I will be brief with my updates, and hopefully it wont be so long before the next one. Preston has been such a blessing to our lives already. He is the absolute best baby! He is completely content unless he is starving or has a really bad diaper. He usually lets out one cry, and then he is fine once you've fixed whatever it is. He eats about every 2-3 hours still, is growing like a weed, and sleeps alot! When he is awake, he is constantly wriggling around, he loves his sister, and he is smiling. He looks alot like Blake and Jake, and when I get a chance Ill scan in some baby pics of them. Oh, how I love this little boy!

We were a bug family for Halloween. Kate and I were butterflies, Pres was a caterpillar, and Luke was a bug catcher. We won first place at our church's trunk or treat!
Priss Pot
She absolutely LOVED trick or treating. She couldnt quite get all all the words, but everytime she turned to walk away from a house, she would yell, Yay!! She insisted my dad walk her up to each door. So cute!

Mama's Babyangel doing what he does best:
It has been such a blessing to be at home with these two sweet babies. Kate's personality is so funny. Now, dont get me wrong...she has her moments. But what almost two year old doesnt? Most of the time, she is hugging on, Bandit, one of her many babies, or Preston. And then when her Daddy gets home, he is IT until she goes to bed. She is so joyful, and I love it! I mean:

My three Jefferys...Jeffery Blake, Jeffery Harold, and Preston Jeffery
Well, that is all for now...Preston is stirring, but dont worry,there will be more tomorrow night!

The sooner I fall behind, the more time I have to catch up.  ~Author Unknown