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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

And also the busiest!! I don't think I have posted a "real" post since October! We have been busy, and I haven't really been in a "bloggin" mood...if that is possible!! To catch yall up quickly on our life, since I have posted last: we have

-wrecked a car and had the other one die in one week
-bought a new car

- seen both of our sisters graduate from college with elementary ed degrees,

-celebrated family birthdays,

-watched Jake's football team in the Peanut Bowl,

-spent Thanksgiving in Tupelo with Luke's family,

-ate incredibly good sushi in Starkville w/the Butts,

watched our Bulldogs win over Ole Miss,

-read in Tracy and Joe's beautiful wedding,

-been to two showers for Luke's sister, Katie,

-celebrated our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY in the Big Apple,

-ran a 5K, (notice my dad running in the background)

-decorated for Christmas,

-been to a family Christmas dinner at Harvey's for Luke's extended family,

-enjoyed Jennifer's twins,

-been crying over babies at work, (warning: don't read unless you want to cry! It is a very uplifting site, but also very sad. Audra, this means you...stay away!)

-gone to our Small group Christmas party,

-had Heather & Sophie come for a visit,

-spent the night with Laurette and Travis,

-been hanging out with each other in between!!