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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

And also the busiest!! I don't think I have posted a "real" post since October! We have been busy, and I haven't really been in a "bloggin" mood...if that is possible!! To catch yall up quickly on our life, since I have posted last: we have

-wrecked a car and had the other one die in one week
-bought a new car

- seen both of our sisters graduate from college with elementary ed degrees,

-celebrated family birthdays,

-watched Jake's football team in the Peanut Bowl,

-spent Thanksgiving in Tupelo with Luke's family,

-ate incredibly good sushi in Starkville w/the Butts,

watched our Bulldogs win over Ole Miss,

-read in Tracy and Joe's beautiful wedding,

-been to two showers for Luke's sister, Katie,

-celebrated our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY in the Big Apple,

-ran a 5K, (notice my dad running in the background)

-decorated for Christmas,

-been to a family Christmas dinner at Harvey's for Luke's extended family,

-enjoyed Jennifer's twins,

-been crying over babies at work, (warning: don't read unless you want to cry! It is a very uplifting site, but also very sad. Audra, this means you...stay away!)

-gone to our Small group Christmas party,

-had Heather & Sophie come for a visit,

-spent the night with Laurette and Travis,

-been hanging out with each other in between!!


Anonymous said...

Glad to know what you've been up to...PS..been reading the Poppy Joy blog, that is the sweetest blog I've ever read (no offense to you) do you know this woman and her baby? They are soo inspiring! Hope ya'll have a Wonderful Christmas!! Talk to you soon!!
Tracy (Shearin)

Andrew & Audra said...

Y'all HAVE been busy. I'm very intrigued & want to read that site...but I'm not going to. Ahhh!

Heather said...

thank goodness you posted. you have been missed.

i will not ask about the last picture. what wierdos.

i miss you. MLK jr birthday??? celebration? I think so...

Trace's Space said...

Yay for you being back!

Oh my gosh! I just finished reading Poppy Joy's journal yesterday. With tears streaming down my face.

Did you know the mom is Adrian Roger's grandaughter?!

My favorite wish kid had Trisomy 18. Sweet little angel... she passed away a year ago tomorrow :(

Anyway, I just got done writing you a poem to go with your Christmas gift. FUN!

Love you

Tricia said...

Best post of all time.

Trace's Space said...

I hate that our Christmas movie/chinese got messed up :(

You were missed. You should've just blown off work :)

Love you

CresceNet said...

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Andrew & Audra said...


The Texas VicHorns said...

your life is fun! I really miss sushi, and my wonderful husband is taking me 3 hours to get some this weekend (that is the closest sushi joint)!