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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2nd week of December

The second week of December, we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary! We took the kids downtown, had a yummy meal at The Flying Fish, watch The Peabody ducks, and ended up at the circus. We had a wonderful night, and I think the kids did too!
At The Peadbody

Kate's first glimpse of Beale Street
Loving the circus

Whoa! That elephant is close!

We left the next morning for Knoxville! Let's just say Kate is not the best traveler anymore :(  It took us three hours and a stop at Casey Jones Village to make it through Jackson. AH! When we got there, we did a whole lotta relaxin, and we got to watch Blakie Poo graduate (with he reminded me several times.) Of course, my memory card was at the cabin during graduation, so this is all I got!

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