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Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Well, it has been a while! I am going to try to get a few recaps of our year up before we hit 2015! 

April was spent...
at the park with friends,
looking at our friends new chickens and their eggs,

learning to cook,

selling our house and celebrating at Mellow Mushroom!
(We sold our home to the first buyers the first day it was on the market...I had prayed over every square inch of our two acres for the previous 18 months that God would send us the perfect new owners the first showing. He did, of course.)

celebrating life,
(Luke's Granny passed away and the funeral was on my birthday. She will be greatly missed by everyone she knew, but we love thinking of her and Luke's grandfather and uncle being reunited...and thinking of the mischief she is making in Heaven! Luke, Sam, and I ate at Harveys for my bday in Tupelo.)

stretching after cat naps,

offering sympathy after a spill in the driveway,

having fun at farm day at preschool,

being thankful for a daughter who takes pics on my phone without me knowing & capturing moments like these,

getting caught in Mommy's chocolate stash,

riding her new scooter she bought off Collierville resale (at the church egg hunt, Luke and I were still in Tupelo for the funeral and my mom took K&P. Kate found the egg with the cat poop in it which resulted in $5. She was so mortified she couldnt move, but then we got this scooter and she was happy...still cant talk about the cat poo though :)

enjoying our big yard,

stalking Jake (I was worried I wouldnt be able to find his car in the school lot...good thing he is uber conscientious and parks near NO ONE! Grandpa.),

getting spring hair cuts, (my friend who usually cuts the kids' hair was out of town, and we needed an Easter 'do. Kate told everyone she got her hair cut IN A STORE!!)

enjoying a date night

with friends (and Sam, of course),

enjoying Easter,

having a yummy lunch at the Thistledome Inn celebrating spring bdays with these lovely ladies,

meeting Mind that Bird, the KY Derby winner,

having our annual Bday Fish Fry,

hunting eggs on the square,

getting egged by friends (and then egging others!),

dying eggs,

celebrating Easter,

being mad the Bunny hid real eggs,

trying out Easter basket goodies,
getting an awesome family photo,

nailing that pinterest pose,

Oh yeah, and I packed our home, we moved in with my parents, and we bought a new home! 

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