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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Kids

I feel like the last few posts have been such downers, here are some pictures of my cute kids to lighten the mood. The have been so resilient since the wreck...much more than I could have anticipated. It has been good to be home and get back into a somewhat normal routine.
Side story: One night at the hospital, my arms were just aching to hold my babies. I left Luke (who was still "asleep") in the TICU after the 9 pm visit, and passed a mom about my age with a little girl about Kate's age. The little girl was fussy, and just reached her sweet little arms out to me. I got to hold her and she put her head down on my shoulder. Her daddy had also been in a wreck and was getting discharged home. I was so thankful for that little moment to be able to love a baby (even if it wasnt my own), and  to be so thankful for what God had given me.
Another Kate story: The whole time Luke was in the hospital, Kate would say," Daddy's sick, but Mommy's there." Bless her!
Ok, now on to my cuties:

Playing in Dad's box

Preston is strictly a bottle baby now. My sweet friend brought me a pump from work to The Med right after the wreck. I pumped once up there, and then my milk dried up completely (minus one feeding-see below). No hurting, no weaning, nothing. I was pumping in our shower in the critical care waiting room, so I felt like the milk was contaminated with MRSA or VRE or something-haha-so it was kinda nice that God completely took care of that for me. I went to my parents' house I think on Wednesday after the wreck for a shower. Preston was there, and while I was snuggling with him, I felt my milk coming back in. I got to nurse him that one last time, and then I was finished for good. He has tranistioned so well. Before the wreck, he only took bottles while I was at work, and he definitely did not prefer them. He is a champ!
And Miss Priss is so glad to have everyone home...especially her Daddy!!
Coco's 1st Birthday...a Whale of a Time!
Some of my wonderful friends that have stepped in and taken care of us. Someone asked me the other day why I liked our church, and they are right here.
See that? Daddy is standing up!
And we have new tricks...
Taking turns
And cruising!
Ah! I could eat him up. My mom said, "You cant even hold him without kissing all over him!"
Looking dapper in a vintage outfit worn by his uncles.
Enjoying the zoo with Juju.
Catching up on her emails.
Do you think she loves him or what?!
I think this will get her outta alotta trouble in about 10 years.
And my bestie had her baby...Easton Samuel. Isnt he a dollbaby?
Kate was so glad to see her Lizzie and baby Easton.
I think he might need a manlier couch to watch his sports on.
Taking care of baby.
Maybe this will keep him out?!
Uh oh..she loves cheese dip as much as Mama!
And talking on the phone as much too!
Juju's here?!
Dumping out the baskets.
Bandit came home from my grandparents the second week of August. We were glad to have everyone back under one roof!
Preparing vaccinations for babies.

We have been wearing our Florida clothes around town since Florida didnt see them this year.
Kate and her twinkie posse.
Jake and Pres in another one of Blake/Jake's outfits. Those are tiny airplanes on the collar-LOVE! Did I mention while Luke and I were at the hospital Preston started crawling, Kate started talking in paragraphs, and Jake is now 3 inches taller than me and 35 lbs heavier. All three of my babies are growing up!
Two little monkeys jumping on the bed!

Ok, if you have made it this far, you are probably either a grandparent or Aunt Tracy. Hopefully that got my caught up for a while!

When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around. Willie Nelson


Tracy~ said...

ummmm are you saying that I stalk y'all?! ha! I just love those precious angels so much (or maybe you were referring to other Aunt Tracy - haha).

I will refrain from commenting on every single picture but I could and I can't figure out which one I love the most.

I laughed out loud with Kate talking in paragraphs. ONe of these days she will admit she loves me. In order to ensure that she does, I have been collecting happies for her to bombard her with...... and I've been doing the same for Pressie as well - but he already loves everyone. He is defiinitely a love and I love hugging and kissing him - that little wiggle worm.

I do love the pic of Kate and Luke - the one where she's giving him that smiling look.

Oh and I love you and Luke, too :)

Can't wait to see you next!

The Clark Family said...

They are so precious! Thank you for taking care of my baby in the hospital:) I don't think I would have slept a wink if I didn't know he was in good hands! XO

-Nicci- said...

Or Miss Nicci Feathers!!!!

alicia harrison said...

I love that things are looking up for the Cantrell family! Been praying for you guys! Oh and i made it all the way to the bottom! Love the pictures :)

Tricia said...

Loved every single picture and loveYOU!

Artsy Fartsy said...

I loved all those sweet pictures - I am not a grandma or an Aunt Tracy, so I am either a) a stalker, b) bored at work, or c) I just love your babied! (The answer is probably (d) all of the above). :)

Aunt Tracey said...

Or the OTHER Aunt Tracey! hee!hee!
love y'all!