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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

They tried to make me go to rehab

Since July 1, we have physical therapy three times a week, and usually one drs appointment too. I have split my time between that and the kiddies. I was so glad to be home to them, and I know Luke was too. We stayed at my parents for three weeks, and then came home the last week of July. We had needed the help with babysitters until then (while I was at work, sleeping afterwards, appointments, etc), but I wanted us to be home so my mom could have one week of her house to herself before she started school back. We had basically taken over their house. Kate and I in one room, Pres in one, Luke in one, Lukes potty chair in one bathroom, his shower chair in the other, and him in the recliner at all hours of the day and night. She had had the kids almost continually since June 10,and Megan had helped a ton too! My dad was able to take three weeks off while Luke was still in the hospital, so I never worried they weren't being taken care of. Larry and Nina have come several weekends to visit, and Amy and Benny came the 1st week of July for four days. Sherrie & Hayden (twice), Patsy, Jennifer, Janette, Hilda, Mike, Katie, Michael, and baby Audrie have all come to help too. In fact, between all the grandparent and aunt/uncle loving theyve received, they are pretty spoiled! I also have some amazing friends that have helped a ton! Amy is back this week to help. I have been so humbled by all of the help we have recieved. And, nine of my family members canceled our annual beach trip to stay and take care of my kids. More importantly, no one has complained...they are the best! I am so glad they love my kids (almost) as much as me.

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Luke went from a wheelchair and only walking at therapy, to crutches last week. He is getting around so well. Oh yea, in the middle of July, he was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Dont google that unless you want to get depressed. His left femur was broken, but his right foot has been killing him. Hurting so bad he was constantly yelling out in pain. Once they were able to diagnose him, he started therapy to desensitize those nerves as well. His dad made some texture sticks for us to do therapy at home too. That has been the biggest obstacle since he has been home. He is on medicine too, and between that and therapy, he is able to sleep for longer than three hours at night, he can almost put his whole foot down to walk, and he can get in and out of the car alone.

I appreciate everyone's prayers more than I can type here. Please keep them coming. I have never "felt" prayer until now...and it feels good!


~Lynne said...

I just cant stop thinking about you & Luke & the kids! What a summer this has been. Of course, you have been in my prayers constantly & I have been reading every update/post!

Look forward to talking to you~love

Anonymous said...

What a scary situation. I'm so glad he is okay, and that the baby was fine. You've been through a lot. Grace doesn't depend on suffering to exist, but where there is suffering you will find grace in many facets and colors.

Meaghan and Wes said...

So thankful to hear that Luke is improving! These "wreck" posts were very informative and inspiring. Thanks for sharing! Keeping y'all in our prayers!

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