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Monday, August 1, 2011

June 15

This was the Wednesday after the wreck. Probably one of the hardest days because we were told to just let Luke rest. That is no fun, and we saw very little improvement. P6151695


On Thursday, June 16, Luke’s nurse called me about 3:30 am to tell me his ICP was up. She was going to give him some medicine, but when she sat up the head of the bed, it went back down. Amen! Sunday-Tuesday, I slept at his bedside. By Wednesday, I was ok enough to go to the critical care waiting room to sleep. I visit at night from 9-11, and then sleep until about 5, and visit until the day shift got there. They would let me back in about 9 am, I would leave about 11, come back at one, leave about 3, come back at 5, my parents would take me to dinner, and then back at nine. At first, whenever I was not at his bedside, I just shook uncontrollably. In fact, I was shaking so bad at the wreck site the sheriff gave me a tshirt to put on. The only other time I have ever shaken like that is when I was in labor. The trauma team said they might put a tracheotomy in to take prevent damage his throat.

On Friday, June 17, one week since the wreck, your nurse called to tell me that your eyes were open. That is a wonderful way for me to wake up that morning! I left at my usual 7 am, and by 8, Mike, our fave nurse, called to tell me to come back. Your eyes were open, you were moving your head side to side, and the bolt had been taken out! Ah! Just to see your pretty baby blues again was a miracle. They decided to see how you would do over the weekend before they decided on the trach. YAY! You have been on and off a cooling blanket for a fever, and it makes you so uncomfortable. I just hated it. Today was wonderful. You followed us with your eyes all day, and you wanted the tube out of your throat. I mentioned that the other summer associates brought by food after the talent show at work, and your face got very confused. It had dawned on you that it was past Wednesday (thats when the talent show was), I felt horrible. Also, one of our dear friends, Zach, came and prayed over Luke. He mentioned camping to Luke and he grinned from ear to ear. So glad to see him smile, even if it was around the intubation tube.


Saturday, June 18, was a wonderful day. Early that morning, one of the neurologist came by and said by looking at his MRI, he shouldve had a series of mini strokes but he saw no manifestations whatsoever. Megan had spent the night down there with me, so after that we just waited to visit again at 9. At 10, they took out your vent tube. When the nurses came out into the hallway, they were all cracking up. Apparently, you told them your name was Luke Skywalker. They let us in for about ten minutes, and when I told you I loved you, you whispered back, “I love you, too.” At the next visit, I showed up pictures and videos of the kids. You loved seeing those. At the 5 oclock visit, you were so angry. Your mom, sister, and my mom left me alone with you because you were so mad. I reassured you the best I could.

Father’s Day, June 19; when I got down there for my 5 am visit, the nurse said you had helped move yourself in the bed for your bath. She had just given you some pain meds, so you said Good Morning and then went sound asleep. We had a wonderful day with a wonderful ending…Preston got to come visit. I went to my parents for the first time and got your mom to stay at the hospital in case you needed something. It was a Happy Father’s Day indeed!



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alicia harrison said...

I am so sorry that i did not know this happened until way after it did. I have been praying for you guys ever since!!! I am sure this is such a hard time for you. Please let me know if there is anything we can do!! and keep us posted, i am not on facebook so i am out of the loop!!