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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Another holiday has come and gone...

When I took Bandit out this morning, it was SNOWING!! Not big flakes, but tiny perfect ones. I had on my infamous red fleece robe (that Luke calls my horseblanket), so I could really see the little white flakes. It is amazing that something so tiny can have such detail.What an awesome way to start the day! Luke and I had a perfect first married Valentine's Day. We wanted to go eat at this Japanese restaurant, but it had no room in the inn. So, on Luke's way home for work, he stopped and got me sushi and yellow roses! They are so pretty that I posted a picture so yall could enjoy them too. He bought a card, which was really funny because it was not Valentiney (is that a word) at all. We ended up eating at this little Italian restaurant down the street and it was good!! During dinner I asked Luke why he loves me (which I do from time to keeps him on his toes) and he always replies with the most genuine answers. It is like he has been waiting all day for that question. I never can think of anything half as nice as he does, so I decided to think about it, and tell yall why I love my husband. 1. He can make me laugh about anything. Including when we are in a middle of a fight. 2. He is always on my side-even if I am wrong (which is seldom). 3. He is full of surprises. One of his favorite things to do is surprise me and others. 4. He gets along with my family. They are a little on the crazy side (as you will see in later pics) and he just goes with the flow. 5. He is always looking out for my best interest, even when it interferes with his own. 6. He plays along well with my little "Why do you love me?", or "This is my solo, you sing the girl's part," and last, "Parade me around the apt so I can wave to all my fans." Yes, he truly is a good sport. 7. He equals out my frugality (again, is that a word?). I always buy the cheapest of everything and he reminds me that is not always the best option. 8. He is Hot! When we got home, a little Valentine fairy (me) had left a note on the door for Luke to follow. It lead him on a scavenger hunt around our apartment (all 330 sq. ft. haha) and ended up in the freezer.These are the clues, and what was left of Luke's piece of cake. The prize was his very favorite Dairy Queen cake!! And I must say I like them too! Needless to say, it was a sweet ending to a sweet day! I hope that everyone else had a Happy Sweetest Day as well. Last week, I was about to go crazy in this apartment because all of my paperwork for work has NOT gone through (and I cant start until it does), so Luke decided we should pack up and head home for the weekend. We arrived in Memfrica about 1:30 am, and I just let Bandit loose in my parents room. My mom had just lain (teachers, I need to take English again...obviously those ADS teachers weren't big on grammar, but they were big on cows)and exclaimed, "Bandit, is that you?" Luke and I were hiding out in the den! Blake had come home for the weekend, but he was out and about so Mom called him and he came home. I had made the family this oreo ball bouquet, so Luke went and got it and we assembled it for all to eat and see. It was so good! The four of us stayed up till four eating and talking and eating. It was a wonderful, relaxing weekend, and I am so glad Luke suggested it! Here are some pics from our adventures: Jake's (aka Basketball Jones) Game My crazy mother (no, she wasn't being funny...that's just her) Does this explain why I am like I am? My cute, pregnant cousin in MY girls' nursery. Jennifer is having twins, Maggie and Evie, in April! I am pushing for April 5, so we will see! There nursery is adorable; the bedding is Womb with a View from Land of Nod. She has such great taste, and it is so cute. I can't wait to get my hands on those little girls! And doesn't Jennifer look great? Her belly is huge, but nothing else is. Tonight is my night to veg on the couch (because I am so busy the rest of the week-HA). It starts with The Office at 7:30, which leads to Gray's at 8:00, and my new favorite, Men in Trees, at 9:00. I can't help it but I like Anne Heche, even with her dating background. I wish my eyes were shaped like hers. I am fixing to go pick up my bridemaid's dress from Weddings A to Z (sentimental because Brenda was my first friend in Tyler, and they jumpstarted my modeling career), so pray my dress will fit! I got measured the week after our honeymoon, so I was the smallest I have been in a while...I don't think Luke will go for re-ordering a bigger size. I also just ate a plateful of left-over "A Twist on Meatloaf", recipe compliments of my Aunt Tracey Boo. It was delicious the first eating and again today. I will leave you with that...Looking back over my post, I sure do talk about food alot.


Heather and Trey said...

sure hope your bridesmaid's dress fits, you wedding model, you.
I know how you dress in both your wedding and jordan's was a wee-bit snug. that's what we get for measuring after our weddings!!!
Can't wait to see you!
Love you!

Anonymous said...

I just want to know what your mom has in that cup?!
♥ you
Tracy D.