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Friday, February 16, 2007

Bed, Bath, and Bones

Today Luke and I are meeting my parents and some friends in Jackson. We are going to the Dixie National Quarter horse, and my friends April and Amanda are riding! We are also going to be able to meet his parents for lunch, so it worked out really well. The only downside is that I have to leave Bandit, that precious pooch pictures above, at a kennel. This will be his first time alone, and I am kinda getting stressed about it. So, I wake up this morning and call Bed, Bath, and Bonz to rent the indoor/outdoor run, because he loves to be outside, it is cost friendly, and it is freakin freezin here. Of course, because I have been denying the fact that my sidekick must be left behind, I put off until this morning to call. They don't have the "normal" run, but instead I can get an outdoor only run, or a suite. I order the outdoor run because I have a manly dog and hang up. I start feeling bad because he is going to be all alone, probably scared, and missing me terribly. I call three other kennels in Tyler; one of them keeps the dogs in CRATES!! Absolutely no room to move!! Luke is out on a job with no cell service, so I have to put on my big girl panties and make an executive decision. Bandit is getting the suite. I do no want him to be cold, and he can watch Animal Planet until his little heart is content (oh, did I not mention it had a flippin tv?)I think I am going to add on the $5 belly rub and $7.50 nature hike... I mean, what the heck? No worries, crisis overted, and I can hopefully enjoy my weekend away. "I'm going to Jackson," -Johnny Cash


Tracy said...

So did you ask that they leave it on animal planet..and what about the pillow fluff every 30 minutes to an hour....these are things you must think about!!

Heather and Trey said...

HAHAHA. that is great. Sophie loves Bandit.

Read my blog immediatly.

Chad, MK, and Camp said...

awwwwwwww that is awesome!

Ryan, Jenny, C&C said...

OMG! no way!!!!:)

LT said...


you are such a good mom. i would most definitely do the same, even if that meant that i would have to go without food for a week.

Anonymous said...

Did Bandit survive?!
I'm just gonna sign Trace to my comments - then you know it's me
Aunt Tracy, Cole and Jake