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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer loving and Loving summer

We have been so spoiled with the wonderful weather this summer. It has been exceptionally cool for this time of year in Memphis. It has finally started cranking up this week, but so far, we have been able to enjoy lots of time outside! The summer I was pregnant with Preston was the hottest summer eva, so this has been a lovely change!

We enjoyed small  group around the pool one night!WP_20130602_002 We met up at the zoo with Jake and some of his friends and some of our friends too!WP_20130604_001 WP_20130604_004 WP_20130604_005 WP_20130604_021WP_20130604_006 WP_20130604_007 

I really thought I was going to have some help in the yard since they were dressed for the part…


Ten minutes later we were back inside for a costume change and some cool water!WP_20130605_003 I made this mohawk hat for the newest rockstar born to our group!WP_20130605_005 WP_20130607_003Preston earning his keep at PawPaws. WP_20130607_005 Kate found a nasty snakeskin at my parentss. Thankfully, Dad found the snake days later. Holla snake!

My mom and I snuck away for a night to go to one of my BFF from high school’s wedding. I hate that I didnt take more pictures! It was on a beautiful farm in Franklin and was so much fun!

WP_20130607_006 WP_20130608_001

High school buddies! Kristen (on my left in pink) and I are due a week apart!WP_20130608_002

The MOB, the bride, me, and my Mama! WP_20130608_009

Riding their horses.WP_20130613_001 Eating watermelon at Mama June’s and hanging out in the play house!WP_20130614_002 WP_20130614_005

Preston fixed him and Kate breakfast! Love his morning hair!WP_20130626_002

We got a new (to us) playset for Preston’s birthday! He doesnt turn 3 until October, but it was a great deal, so his grandparents went in together for this treat!

WP_20130627_005 Sidewalk chalk is so stressful.WP_20130628_027

Sprinkler Park cuties!WP_20130620_005

Pregnant Mamas and a cute boy!

WP_20130620_007 WP_20130621_002

Enjoying our friends at birthdays at the park and at small group!WP_20130629_001 WP_20130630_001 Summer lovin, had me a blast! Summer lovin, happened so fast!

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