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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Daddy’s Day

We took Luke out on Friday of Father’s Day weekend for some delicious hibachi!WP_20130614_011

The cutest Daddy with the cutest KidsWP_20130614_013

I gave Luke a slightly selfish gift for Father’s Day. On Saturday, we went to Dabney’s Nursery and picked out a few new plants and a yard of mulch! My flower beds had been driving me crazy, so we finally got them situated! I let Luke mow while I planted…and mulched…and he watched baseball…and I mulched…and he bathed the kids…and I mulched. The baby is as big as a grapefruit at 24 weeks!WP_20130615_004

Our front bedsWP_20130619_008WP_20130619_009

The purple wandering jew is the only thing we bought as far as plants for our beds. We went very minimally this year…low upkeep and they look great now!WP_20130619_010I am so proud of my hydrangea bush! We have been enjoying her beautiful blue, purple, and pink blooms! The hostas in front I got from a friend who was cleaning out her beds. They came back and really surprised me in the front and in the back.WP_20130619_012WP_20130619_011WP_20130619_014 This is my side bed with my pretty roses!WP_20130619_007

And now the back! We spend most of our time in the back, so these beds tend to looks better just because I am back there more to mess with them. WP_20130619_001WP_20130619_002 In the back, I have three sections: veggies/herbs, seeds, and planted blooms. These are all plants I let the kids pick out whenever we are grocery shopping. Double treat…they love it, and I love having color back there!

WP_20130619_003 WP_20130619_004

My veggies (tomatoes and peppers) and herbs (orange mint, lavender, and pineapple sage). Also, we have pumpkins where the broken pot pieces are laid out! WP_20130619_005 Saturated this area with seeds and they are already so big. Cant wait for some blooms!WP_20130619_006     On the morning of Father’s Day, I would love to say we served breakfast in bed like I got, but we just let him sleep in, showered him with gifts (a homemade ice cream maker!), and then let him cook us waffles. yum!    WP_20130616_012 WP_20130616_015 WP_20130616_018

KK got all the boys new grill mits! WP_20130616_024 When he is sleeping, he looks just like Blake!WP_20130616_025

So sad I didnt get a picture with my Dad! We enjoyed lunch together and then he had to go to work. Love you, JDiddy Pawpaw!

Grammy and PopPop came in town that night and I didnt get any pics! Thankfully, I know Grammy got lots!!! Grammy, send me your pics and I can update! We had a wonderful, relaxed week with them until Wednesday.

On Friday, Aunt Dee and Audrie came to visit. We love having family in our home to enjoy! We went swimming at KKs!WP_20130621_007 On Saturday, Papa Q and Ninabelle came for lunch for Father’s Day and Papa Q’s birthday!

WP_20130622_002 WP_20130622_006 Preston and Audrie enjoyed each other so much! I loved watching them interact.WP_20130622_012 WP_20130622_013 WP_20130622_018  WP_20130622_020 WP_20130622_019WP_20130622_022

After all the guests left, we started rearranging rooms! We are moving Kate and Preston into what was the guest room/Preston’s original nursery so we can put the new baby in Kate’s old room. WP_20130622_026 WP_20130622_027

The surprising thing about fatherhood was finding my inner mush. Now I want to share it with the world.  Christopher Meloni

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