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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Our Cupcake is One!

Playing with my grocery cart from Uncle D. St Patty's Day at the Gardners! Alysa finally got to give Reed and Kate a lime. Reed wasn't so sure, but Kate loved it! Celebrating her birthday week! The Morning of her real birthday! What a sweet smile to wake up to! We went to the zoo with her cousins on her real birthday. KK, Nana, The Godfather, Meme, and Aunt Julie came too! The weather was perfect, the Muddy's cupcakes were delicious, and the animals were out and about. The cupcake was gone before I could even get out the video camera. Girl knows how to eat! Lovin her some Godfather We had a cookout at my parent's that night. Can you tell she is the center of attention even when it's not her bday? Kate's First Birthday! We did a cupcake theme for her first birthday! I didn't get all the DIY treats done that I had planned, but everything turned out perfectly. I guess that is what happens when you start planning on your way home from the hospital :) We had a wonderful day celebrating the whole year of Kate's life. What a joy she is to everyone who meets her. Birthday Party Decor: Our Menu consisted of the following: This Little Piggy stayed in the Blanket Tootie's Tomato Tarts Kate's Favorite Veggie (guacamole) Hammin' it Up Sandwiches and Sleepin through the Night Strawberry Salad Cake by Yours Truly Melts my heart everytime. And then the guests arrived: The final gift: PawPaw wants a bite! Sharing with Will. Kate, you have been a joy to everyone around you since March 18, 2009 at 2:31 pm. You have grown into the sweetest little toddler around. At one year, you love to walk from one person to the next and are starting to take a few steps without us. It is so awesome to see you changing everyday, but it makes part of my heart sad that you are already growing up. You have said Mama, Dada, Byebye, (and even Byebye Dada once!) and Bubba, but right now you are just jabbering away about things only you know about. I would love to know what is going on in your little head! You love to get in bed with me in the mornings and snuggle now, which I absolutely LOVE!!! You still don't like being put down for naps or bedtime, but you only cry for about 15 minutes. I can't even look back when I've put you in your crib, or I know I would just pick you up again. Very rarely do you wake up at night and can't go back to sleep on your own. On these nights, I love sneaking into your room and rocking you like when you were my baby. You will eat anything we put in front of you. So far, there is not much you stick up your little nose at (sandwich meat this week). You love fruit, veggies, tortillas, and puffs. You light up the world just by being in it, Miss Priss! Wherever we are, Walmart, Kroger, church, you smile at everyone the same with no regard to the things the world passes judgment by. I am learning how to love all equally just by seeing the world through your eyes. It is also so amazing to watch how trusting and innocent you really are. I have to remember that when I am having a bad day.In seven short months, your little world is going to change drastically, but I know you are going to be such a loving Big Sister. I love you, Mama


Laurin said...

Congratulations on your new baby to come and your old baby is super cute!!

Anna Little said...

She looks so muhc like Luke to me, it is insane!

She is so precious Amanda (and Luke) :) So happy for y'all!

Audra Laney said...

So sweet! You had me tearing up! Okay so NOW you need to do a pregnancy know, with all the juicy details that I'm the only one brave (er....nosy) enough to ask! How far along, etc. :)

Love you, Amanda! You're an awesome mommy!