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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Time

We have started off December with as much Christmas as we can handle. We have gone to the Collierville Tree Lighting with Daddy Doc and Granny T:

IMG_0133 IMG_0153 IMG_0161

we have worn our Christmas jammies and watched lots of Christmas movies:

IMG_0126 IMG_0204

we have looked for snow:


and played in it:

IMG_0246 IMG_0250 IMG_0256 IMG_0260IMG_0267 IMG_0303

we have decorated our trees:

IMG_0193 IMG_0195 IMG_0199 IMG_0450 IMG_0455 PC041904

and watched Christmas parades featuring Easton and Jake:

IMG_0205 IMG_0217 IMG_0214 IMG_0223

we have enjoyed Daddy being home and done with school until January 9 (can I get a whoop whoop!) :IMG_0236


we have celebrated PawPaw’s birthday with some ribs from the Rendezvous:

PC031886 PC031889

we have played  with our girlfriends at church: PC031892 PC031895

and celebrated BFFs birthdays:PC041914 PC041913 PC041917

we have enjoyed storytime on the Square:IMG_0353 IMG_0384 IMG_0396 IMG_0391 IMG_0364 IMG_0370

and we have just enjoyed being together at home.We have been doing an advent calendar everyday that tells the Christmas story and the kids can play with the figures. It is such a privilege to be able to share with them a story from the heritage, and one of their salvation. I also have realized this year more than ever how broken this world is. I have a friend whose husband is fighting testicular cancer (& she gave birth to their 3rd child last week-all 3 and under), I have a friend who lost a precious baby this time last year, I have a friend who just got out of jail (for some undeserved time), and I am just heartbroken for the coach and baby girl not far from here who lost their wife/mama. I am so thankful this isn't the end. And thank goodness, because this place isn't good. It is sad and hard. Thankfully, God loved us so much he has prepared a good place for us to spend eternity. And this season, I am trying to remember myself and teach my kids every day that Jesus can get us there. In fact, he is the only way for us to get there.

IMG_0174IMG_0312 IMG_0327 IMG_0323 IMG_0340 IMG_0423 IMG_0429 IMG_0438

We have given our daddy a little more love than usual (but not as much as he deserves!)IMG_0200 IMG_0227 IMG_0241 

IMG_0398 IMG_0434

The way you spend Christmas is far more important than how much.
--Henry David Thoreau


Erica B said...

Your kiddos are so cute! They look like they have fun together. I really love Kate's outfit she is wearing in the pictures on the square with the polka dots and presents on it! A.DOR.ABLE.

Audra Laney said...

You are a precious mama with a heart of gold. Your children will arise and call you blessed in the future!

Kat Boo said...

And KK is crying.... Love you all so!! How blessed we are. I think you said it perfectly. (Who said you weren't a writer? Oh yeah- maybe it was Blake! Bahaha!)

Mrs. Knott said...

Such cute pictures! I am a new follower =)