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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

April is Over!

Where has the time gone? I never feel caught up on this blog! Oh well, I am sure it is just going to get worse! But for all those Kate Fans, I do have some adorable pics! She is walking everywhere! She started taking a few steps from me to Luke the first week of April. The second week of April, she took off and hasn't looked back. When I say she is everywhere, she is everywhere! I love her being more mobile, and it still cracks me up on occasion that she is this tiny person following me around. She refuses to walk in the grass, and last week we noticed she won't cross the cracks on the sidewalk. She gets down on all fours to climb over, and then uprights herself until she gets to the next one. We are just enjoying her personality so much! Kate and the lawnmower: She found her Bumbo in our closet and plopped herself down. Getting out is pretty funny because she has to flip herself over and manuever her slight thighs out.
Eating her first PBJ! She lvoed it...maybe she did get some of my traits. Our sweet cousin, Will, turned ONE! He had a barnyard bday and we had so much fun! Kate really got in on the action riding his four wheeler. I wasn't sure if she would know what to do, but as soon as we showed her how to accelerate, she was gone!
The adorable cake.
So sad it wasn't her turn to get some cake. Sorry, Jen. That face was too cute not to share.Decor:
My sweet Cowgirl.
PawPaw showing Kate how to roll her tongue. She can get it completely sideways on one side...a definite Bousson trait.
Get up outta my face, Meme! And look at my cute boots!
Babies, Babies, Babies!
The birthday boy, just new boot goofin. We let her run around one night after her bath unclothed, and she found her favorite thing...her lunchbox. Haha...girl after my own heart.
This series just cracks me up. She has claimed our entry hall table as her throne. She will drag it all over the dinig room and den and loves eating her snacks here.
Getting out gracefully.
Love love love this face. The twins also turned THREE in April! Cannot believe it!Unfortunately, this is one of the only pics I got of the day :( When I get some more from my cousin I will post them. Megan and I made special appearances as Snow White and Cinderella. It definitely fulfilled my Disney Dream, and I am wondering why I never got a summer job there. My cousin made this awesome cake...she is Twins, a nurse, and a cake does she find the time?
Her favorite snacks-cuties!
"The family is one of nature's masterpieces." -George Santayana

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